Miss Lori takes a relaxing trip to The Peninsula Spa

I got a message from a friend on my facebook page this morning encouraging me to take some time for myself today and to breathe. Well, normally those words are completely foreign to me, but today they were totally speaking my language!  The language of The Peninsula Spa that is. Because that is exactly where I was this morning, between Rush and the famed Miracle Mile of Michigan Avenue right on Superior. And superior it was in every way.

I know that they tell you to put the mask on yourself first. That if you don’t you won’t be able to truly help your loved ones. Well, that’s a great theory, but I really fail in practice.Which is why it shouldn’t surprise you to know that the one time I am finally going to a spa it is for work. But I’m not complaining one bit. I was honored to be invited to experience the “destressification” of the spa services at The Peninsula Spa. Bring on the relaxation!

That’s just what they did too. I started with a delicious green smoothie.


Next I stripped down and cuddled up under a warm blanket to experience a mind melting head and neck massage. At first I was having a tough time washing away my pestering thoughts about work and responsibilities. So I started chanting to myself to help free my mind. “I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am lovable. I deserve happiness. I am a good mother. I am a good friend. I m human.” (Hey we all need a reminder of our worth.)



After a brief rest in the lunge I moved onto the reflexology room. My therapist caked my feet in a scrub, and then added some oil, and then… oh heck, I drifted off to slumber-land so I can’t even tell you what came next. When she was done she told me my feet were tired and that I needed to give them a break. (Apparently while I was resting she and my tootsies had a heart to heart.)




Feet reenergized it was time to move, literally. The Spa doesn’t just offer Spa services they also have a full service gym complete with the most amazing piece of fitness equipment to come along in decades, the Power Plate. I got a personalized 15 minute power workout on the plate. Yes, on the plate. I did squats, planks, scissors, shoulder presses and more. The machine vibrates forcing my body to make thousands of tiny adjustments to remain stable. All the while the plate can help to increase my bone density. No other piece of gym equipment can claim that!




Muscles vibrated and pumped it was time to apply some TLC to my eyes. I was the lucky recipient of a facial Microcurrent Eye Lift. What’s that? It’s a miracle that’s what it is! The therapist used an instrument that delivered a micro electric current and gently rubbed below and above my eye to help stimulate my face and make me appear more awake. I didn’t feel anything bad. It was just like a light sinus massage with some slight flashing lights. Bliss!



So, all of the external components addressed it was time for some internal work. The cherry of my relaxation desert. Yoga. I have always been told that Yoga would do me well, but every time I have tried it, following a television leader or DVD instruction, I have felt very disconnected. Not so in the fabulous Peninsula Spa Yoga room.



It wasn’t just the sky high view, our  instructor was so patient and informative, I felt free to give over to the movement. It was even more eye opening than the Microcurrent Eye Lift!



As if all of the services weren’t glorious enough, the day closed out with a delectable meal. Good food. Good conversation. Good day for Mommy!



I guess I know how to put on my oxygen mask afterall.





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  1. That sounds like a truely amazing day… you totally deserve it!