Miss Lori names more #SoFabColor bloggers part 2

Using the impetus of my upcoming trip to the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Conference, last week I introduced a new hashtag, #SoFabColor. I wrote that my intention was to “leverage my own notoriety to extend some limelight to other influencers of color.” I also stated that,” My goal is to increase the diversity of this great webishpere that we all maneuver in.” To do all of that I shared info about 8 fabulously colorful bloggers. And you, you responded so favorably. It was all very gratifying. So much so that I am back at it again. This week I have another 8 diversity enhancing bloggers to share with you. That’s right, I am showing you the #SoFabColor! Now you show them some love and appreciation please. We will all be better for it.


Laila @OnlyLaila



I felt there was a voice missing in the blogosphere. Many of the blogs I found are written by married women who either work or stay at home full-time. As a single mom who works full-time it was difficult to relate to their experiences. This blog is how I reflect on my life as a single mom, inspiring things my son says, and inspiring things people do to make this world a better place.


Destiny  @aplaceforus




No matter who you are or what type of home you have, your in the right place. Sit back, relax and let me hold your hand as I give you the tools and advice you need to create YOUR home.


Jasmine  @DJazzo



I am Jasmine. I am a  hyper organized, outgoing, controlling, creative, kind, and very diverse lady. My favorite things to do are to help people, create things, and swear like a sailor. TheBrokins.com started as a way for Sadie and me to chronicle our shenanigans and morphed into a way for us to interact with others, advocate issues we believe in, and generally rant and rave.


Lakesha  @uncommonchick



I started UncommonChick.com because I wanted to have a place to talk about items other than just business and to share my personal thoughts and feelings about stuff that don’t belong on the web design blog. Here, topics span the gamut: lifestyle, weight loss and fitness, personal finance, relationships, funny stuff, spiritual, inspirational, personal growth items and more…

Uncommon Philosophy: Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the salves of the ordinary.

Because being normal is waaaay overrated!


Monique  @Armsofasister


I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. I’m a child of God. But I’m really just a kick-ass single mama on a budget!  I like to review books that I’d borrow from the library, buy at the bookstore, or would give as a gift. That includes bedtime story books, middle-of-the-day reading adventures, many bestsellers, but also the newer authors. I like to test and review products/services/events, etc that my family would use. We like gardening stuff, Christian stuff, outdoorsy stuff, and environmentally-friendly stuff. Games, toys, kitchen products (that’s why my baby calls me fat, cause I like to eat, and I’m not too good at the exercising stuff – yet!), crafts, etc. We just like doing stuff and having fun doing it!


Jeannae  @GreenYourDecor


The site was born of frustration and inspiration:

Frustration in my attempts to find sustainable and eco-friendly products while decorating; and inspiration to do something to reduce my own carbon footprint and help style-conscious homeowners and decorators who don’t want to sacrifice the planet for a great look. I’m admittedly no green giant. In fact, not so long ago I used to be pretty oblivious to all things concerning the environment. But you know what they say — once you know better, you must do better. I’m learning a lot as I go along and making steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle every day.


Christie  @ChatterBoxGC


Through writing, speaking, and consulting, I help others discover their true passions and entrepreneurial spirit.  The success of my coaching, blogs, online shows, my passion for social media, and relentless creativity has caught the eye of big brands, small businesses, and solo-preneurs.  I help them tell their story through social media.
Amanda  @dumbparent

parenting BY dummies

Dumb Mom is the mom behind the popular humor and parenting blog parenting BY dummies.  Outsmarted by her children daily as she attempts to navigate motherhood, childhood, and everything in between she enjoys sharing her stories of failure and success with you in a humorous, heartfelt, and honest way.  She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is definitely the best dressed (an advantage completely lost by being inside of a shed) as she prides herself on being a handbag role model for the masses.
Just like last week it just so happens that I am a proud member of the exclusive Collective Bias Social Fabric Network with all of these ladies. (Are you sensing a trend?) Once again I hope you will stop by and show these fabulous bloggers some blog comment love. And please be sure to let me know with a comment what you think of this series. I would especially love to hear your own  #sofabcolor blogger recommendations. As I always say, things can’t grow without conversation, so let’s get to conversing! #SoFabColor




This is a:

* Level 3: Miss Lori was compensated for inserting links or hashtags in this post.

* Level 7: Miss Lori will be provided with transportation, food, lodging, tickets, and/or other incidentals for the orange grove trip mentioned in this post.

Miss Lori can be found Musing from her Minivan at MissLori.TV , Wearetherealdeal.com , YoungChicagonista ,ChicagoMomsBlog , and ChicagoMoms.com. You can also see her Activating to Be Great at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS on YoutubeFacebookTwitter TOUT and LinkedIn. Miss Lori participates in the Clever Girls Collective, Social RevUp and Collective Bias Social Fabric networks. She is also a Nintendo Enthusiast. A Tropicana Tropimomma, and a FitFluential Ambassador.




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  1. All A-mazing bloggers and ones that I love and admire. Thanks for sharing yet another round of fabulousness Miss Lori.

  2. Again, I must say that I’m very appreciative for the shoutout Miss Lori! You are awesome for highlighting us bloggers. 

    Now, I’m going to go and connect with the others! Go #sofabcolor!

  3. Justice Jonesie says:

    Lori, what a great idea!  Thanks for highlighting these great bloggers– happy to see so many women I know.   Have fun at Disney next week!

  4. Miss Lori says:

    I really appreciate you following along with me and all of the blogs I am listing on this journey. I believe we have the power to elevate each other and the duty to do so. Glad to team up with you.



  5. Miss Lori says:

    We can never meet too many people. We all benefit from the rich diversity of our community. Thank you for your support!



  6. Miss Lori says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you find this series beneficial. That makes me proud.



  7. Miss Lori says:

    My pleasure Laila. Thank you for your contribution to the webisphere. The more voices the better!



  8. Mommyfreetime says:

    yah! Some more great blogs to follow! Thanks Miss Lori. Can’t wait to check out the ones I don’t know!

  9. Thank you so much! Such a beautiful list of bloggers:0) Thank you for introducing us!! xoxo Destiny

  10. Thank you for introducing us to so many #SoFabColor bloggers.  I am loving this series.

  11. Lori, thank you for the shout out. The #SoFabColor project is pretty amazing and I appreciate you including me!