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What I have loved about social media from the very beginning is the sense of comaraderie. I have never felt so welcome in a space as I have in the social media sphere. It’s been a blessing. That is why creating the #sofabcolor thread was so important to me. I wanted a chance to give back some of the love that has been bestowed on me. I am so appreciative of the response. I take it from the comments that you want me to keep going, so I am back for round 3. I have 8 more bloggers to introduce you too, (and yes they are all fellow Collective Bias Social Fabric influencers). They are unique, dynamic, and of course fabulously colorful.

Yoli  @Yoliouyiya



My site is authentic to my experience in learning how to be healthy and eco-friendly.

Initially living green, healthy, and/or wellness oriented appeared to be intimidating, expensive, complicated, for tree-huggers, and generally foreign to me. Through trial and error I’ve found ways of making it convenient, cost effective, and achievable at every income level.

The site focuses on aspects of everyday living including seasonal and local eating, shopping at farmers markets, producing home remedies, or travel and tech with a sustainable and environmentally responsible perspective.


Ghada  @OmGhada


KiwiCanadian expat in New York with toddler, newborn and Kiwi husband. Adventures in parenting, breastfeeding and getting back to half-marathon shape. I write about my experiences settling into our new life in New York. It’s a fine line between living, being a tourist and fitting in as an expat. I hope you will join me  – offer suggestions, ideas and maybe hopefully have a laugh along the way to keep me from crying at some of the craziness.


Celeste  @greenmommy2


I started Organic Mommy Today to help and inform families of all sizes about some amazing Eco-Friendly and family friendly products out on the market today from food to toys. I enjoy staying at home playing with my kids, teaching them how to be the best they can be and to love and live life to the fullest.


Monique  @MayhemMatriarch



I’m Monique, currently a Stay Work At Home Mom to four enchanting Minions. I write this blog, I take pictures, I dabble in digital art and web design. I’m a social media maven, super mega geek, I’m feisty, Puerto Rican, an Aries and over {way over} caffeinated. I prefer sneakers over high heels, I am huge into music and will listen to anything once. I’d like to live every day like my ass has been set aflame, but usually lack the gumption.


Lala  @dealfanatic


Why did I start this blog you ask? For a lot of reasons, but mainly because my BFF re-introduced me to using coupons in winter of 2008. And since I am a stay at home mommy with twins, I was more than happy to find other ways to my make my hubby’s dollars stretch a bit further. Sure he gives me slack about bringing home 10 bottles of Purex or 20 bottles of Soft Soap, but best believe he loves it when I bring home 10 Gillette Shaving Blades. Oh yeah! He’s gotten quite comfortable over the past year dipping into our over flow storage/pantry. I will continue blogging long into my gray years [hold on, that’s now..hahah]. I have many other blogs I’ve collected over the years. Why? Because I have many different passions. Maybe one day I’ll collaborate them all into one spot but until then, you can also find me here sometimes to:
CupyCakey – doesn’t the name just give it away
Lenz Love – I love my camera, I just wish I could spend more time with it.
Everything on this blog has been done by myself, just little ole’ me…. So you might find from time to time that I’m tweaking things a bit. No…I’m not a programmer. Just driven.


Monica  @sofamilyonline


Sofamilyonline.com is the exclusive family source for current news, new trends, cool ideas and a community of support. Our goal is to create a social, interactive and informative website that is centered on the family. We encourage all parents, who are seeking to build upon the dynamic foundation they are creating for their family, to take advantage of the services and information offered on the site. We are dedicated to making the lives of parents and parents-to-be easier by addressing their questions in the areas of health and wellness, parenting, lifestyle, education, family activities, work and finance, as well as relationships. We strive to create a community of families that can share their own experiences and ideas. We recognize that there are many unique elements to today’s families and encourage families to share within the community. Sofamilyonline.com is the premiere family website, the exclusive source for every parent.


Lua  @MissLuLublogs


The motto of MissLuluBlogs.com is: “When you look good, you feel good.” I believe that as women and moms it’s important to take pride in our appearance and health. MissLuluBlogs.com is also a resource for product reviews. I aim to review products that are well-made, well-priced and valuable to improving quality of life and lifestyle.


Raijean  @Swaraiblog


Swa-Rai is about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. I’m Rai a girly girl who collects everything…shoes perfume, jewelry, purses and clothes. Navigating through this crazy thing called life in heels and sequins!!! If it sparkles, has sequins or shines, then I love it. Living a fabulous life in Chicago…”Life’s not always a party, but it should be.”


I head to Florida for the Disney Social Media Moms conference this week. Which means that I will get to lay eyes on, and wrap arms around, many wonderful social media influencers, basking in their warm glow of friendship and support. We all deserve to experience that whether at a conference or a tweetup or just a dinner gathering of friends. That is what I wish for you. That is what I hope we can build here. One hello at a time.

“Hello friends, how are you. I’m glad you’ve come to play. The day has begun, we’re having so much fun, making the most of this special day. before we begin let’s put on a grin, there’s something we must do. Expand our horizons and make new friends by saying hello to someone just like you.”

(Come by and say HELLO to me anytime on my Facebook Miss Lori brand Page. I would love to met you there.)



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* Level 3: Miss Lori was compensated for inserting links or hashtags in this post.

* Level 7: Miss Lori will be provided with transportation, food, lodging, tickets, and/or other incidentals for the orange grove trip mentioned in this post.

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  1. I have found what we gravitate to is just a mirror of ourselves. You are such an inspiration and positive woman. Thank you so much for your sweet post and always being you!

  2. I have found what we gravitate to is just a mirror of ourselves. You are such an inspiration and positive woman. Thank you so much for your sweet post and always being you!

  3. Thanks so much for the Swa-Rai and Swa-Rai Mommy Love!!!