Miss Lori is feeling big love from a small act of kindness

When talking about improving mental health I have often made suggestions about things you can do directly for yourself, like sleep, goto a spa, or even sing. But something that should never be overlooked is the act of doing for others, and the positive return that it can yield both for you and the receiver of your generosity. Small acts of kindness have a big impact.

When I was at Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms conference last month I was so thrilled to connect and reconnect with some fantastic bloggers and influencers. They impress me, not just with their content creation, but their overall contribution as parents, community members, and just plain human beings. It was a lovely weekend filled with Disney magic and surprises. Each night bigger than the next. The final night though, was the biggest of them all, and for reasons I didn’t expect.

I had just arrived at the last Disneysmmoms party, a sneak peak at their newest Disney resort, Art of Animation. It was spectacular! As we walked in the building Disney cast members lined both sides of the aisle applauding for each and everyone of us as if we were the stars of a show walking a red carpet. It was a gas! But even that fanfare paled in comparision to what happened to me next. While waiting at the food table to fill my plate, Cooper Munroe of the Motherhood came up behind, She is someone I am always thrilled to see. Earlier in the day she ad I had participated in a brainstorming session concerning the innovation, education and philanthropy. As she has before, she wowed me with her insight. I loved trading ideas with her. I was inspired to surpass my own thresholds of creativity . It was a good time. But now we were out in the fresh air with our families for another good time…a party. Cooper came to me not to continue our innovation conversation from earlier in the day, and not to engage in a new conversation about the resort we were presently visiting. Cooper came to me for something else all together. She gently hoisted my right arm up in the air, and slipped a beautiful blue and white bracelet on my wrist. All she said was something to the effect of, “such a beautiful outfit deserves a little extra something.” I can’t tell you her exact words because I simply don’t remember, I was so taken aback. I gasped in elated surprise, and hugged her. She returned my embrace and then floated off into the crowd. It was over as quickly as it begin. A small ripple in time, but the wake of it has stayed with me. I don’t know exactly what motivated Cooper to do what she did, what I do know is that  with her spontaneous gesture she made me feel “seen” and “celebrated”, and that felt really glorious. Cooper’s small act of kindness touched me in such a big way, inflating my mood and my smile, that I won’t soon forget it. I intend to repay her by continuing to perform small acts of kindness in my own right for others. Best regift ever!

Have you ever done something for someone else for no apparent reason other than you wanted to? Try it on for size. I bet it will fit. A small act of kindness is one size fits all… just right.



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* Level 7: Miss Lori was provided with transportation, food, lodging, tickets, and/or other incidentals for the trip mentioned in this post.

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  1. Miss Lori says:

     It is I who is grateful to you. Thank you for being a person who spreads warmth so freely. The gift of yourself is priceless.

    SMILE On!


  2. Cooper says:

    Oh my goodness Miss Lori, you’ve knocked my socks off this morning. I’m feeling very humbled and grateful by your words, kindness, brains, heart and friendship. I’d be in a brainstorming session with you any day, brilliant lady! Thank you for making my year, Miss Lori. Thank you, I’m so grateful to call you a friend and colleague. Big hug and lots of love, Cooper