Miss Lori is traveling in style with the #SoFabColor bloggers of week 6

One of the benefits of being a professional social media influencer is the travel. Working in social media these past couple of years I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places, but my favorite so far has been Disney. At the Disney Social Media Moms Conference the week 4 #SoFabColor bloggers and I all got to try our hand at travel blogging, but there are a number of women of color out there who do it regularly, and with flair. They are my #SoFabColor Bloggers for week 6:


Chelle and Crystal  @browngirlsfly


We are women (sisters actually) who love life on the road, experiencing other cultures, other languages, the joys and pains of human existence first hand.

We have a moderate travel budget, but have made it our obsession to find ways of stretching it as far as humanly possible.

BGF is for everyone — regardless of age, gender, cultural background, or locale — and the majority of its content is focused on universal themes like travel inspiration, packing tips, stylish gear and great stories.

But, we also happen to be American women-of-color who have often wondered why we don’t encounter more people who look like us on the road.  Maybe it’s limited funding or a cultural preference for locales like the Caribbean and Africa. Or maybe it’s simply fear. Who knows?

Whichever the case, we’d like to give an extra dose of encouragement to all the brown girls (and brown boys) out there.  So, some portion of our content will serve that purpose.

But, travel has a way of breaking barriers, broadening perspectives, and deepening understanding.  So, whoever you are, regardless of your background, we’d love for you to join us in the discourse.



Ekua   @girlunstoppable


Ekua’s peregrine nature happens to go well with her love for finding and capturing beauty and humor in the unexpected. Her wanderlust was cultivated early, starting with her first big trip at age two which took her from California to England and Ghana to visit relatives and family friends. While she was in Ghana, the travel bug, in the form of a potentially malaria-ridden mosquito, bit her for the first time. It turns out that it was not spreading malaria, it was actually transmitting wanderlust. The bug has been following her around ever since.



Oneika  @OneikaTraveller


I’m a gal in her late twenties who has an intense passion for travel, culture, and language. I have been to over 50 countries and am always the verge on planning my next trip. I grew up in Toronto, Canada (though, if you really want to get specific, I spent my extremely formative teenage years in Mississauga, Canada). Most recently, I was an English Literature and French teacher at a international high school in Hong Kong, but I am currently taking a brief sabbatical. I am an aspiring polyglot who speaks English and French fluently. I also speak intermediate-level Spanish, and know about three  five words of German.


Evita   @evierobbie


After graduating with her B.A. in Television and Film production, from Iona College, Evita Robinson  (Evie) hit the world running, or creating, rather. Within weeks of graduation, in 2006, she attended the New York Film Academy, studying Digital Filmmaking in Paris, France at  La Femis film school. There, the seed for evierobbie media. was planted after receiving acclaim for the films created through the duration of her program.


Tracey  @bktraveladdict


How was your trip?”

It’s a simple question, right? We get it every time we come back from any destination.However, 48 hours into my trip to Ghana in December, I realized that I had come way too far (and paid way too much) to come back to the US, send out a Kodak gallery of photos, and tell folks it was “nice.”Nice would be a travesty of verbal injustice.

My trip to Ghana was literally a life-changing experience and I wanted to remember as many moments as I possibly could before my Betty White memory got the best of me.

So I decided to write. First a quick recap of my 10 hour voyage. Then a few thoughts on celebrating New Year’s in a completely different (but beautifully similar) culture. And after a few posts, something crazy happened. I realized people were reading! Like, reading what I had to say and asking about what I was doing next. I was blown away.

So I kept writing, satisfying my initial goal of chronicling my travel adventures and creating a new goal of bringing my readers along with me on my carefree journey around this global playground called Earth. My hope is that these stories will inspire readers to remember that there is a massive world out there to be explored, and while work is important (especially if your work is your passion), never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.



Andrea and Teri  @Travelistatv


Andrea’s work and travel assignments have taken her to more than 35 countries around the world. She has lived in Italy, Spain, France, Los Angeles, and New York, and her fascination for global art, style, and culture comes through whether she is cooking with chefs, dancing flamenco, or celebrating the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona.

As the Cultural Enthusiast of Travelista TV, Andrea enjoys interviewing cultural experts, designers, artists, and chefs, musicians, and has produced cultural travel segments in Greece, Portugal, Thailand, India, South Africa, and numerous other exotic locales.

With her Travelista partner Teri, she executive produced and hosted the Travelista Inspired Journeys series presented by Ford on BET.com. She has co-hosted red carpet interviews for AOL; interviewed fimmakers at the Sundance Film Festival; and was featured in the series “All Girls Getaway” for Fine Living Network; and on The Mo’Nique Show on BET.

A true global coolhunter, Andrea is also the creator of the The Velvet Circle, a lifestyle company focused on art, style, and events in Italy and New York. Most recently she produced segments for Wine and Fashion Florence, Pitti Immagine, Art Basel, and New York Fashion Week, spotlighting fashion photographer Nigel Barker, model Alek Wek, model Angela Lindvall, and actors James Lesure and Lauren Hutton.


Teri has lived and traveled in various parts of the world including France, South Africa, and Brazil working, studying and recording her journeys. She has traveled to over 45 countries and speaks Spanish, French, and conversational Italian.

As a true adventure seeker, Teri has hunted with the Kuku-Yalanji aborigines in Australia, canoed with the Emberá Indians in Panama and spent time in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to learn samba.

Teri is also an independent producer and director with projects ranging from feature films to social and cultural documentaries. She co-directed her first feature-length narrative film entitled “Hey Diddle Diddle” (2009), which recently aired as a mini-series in 64 million households. Teri is also in post-production on a documentary on the Election Day in Harlem. To date, she has produced and directed over 500 short form videos for Travelista TV, Time Warner, and other media clients.

Along with her partner Andrea, she has appeared in Uptown Magazine and been featured in the Fine Living’s series called “All Girls Getaway”. Teri has interviewed celebrities on many red carpets including Kid Rock, KRS One, Kevin Bacon, and Ruby Dee.


Maureen  @UrbanTravelGirl


Ciao, and welcome to UrbanTravelGirl, a blog featuring my thoughts on black women living globally through international travel. I’m a passionate believer in the ability of travel to not only transform the way we see the world, but ourselves.  As an African-American woman, I’ve developed an even stronger sense of who I am by visiting more than 30 countries and territories — and by living outside the United States. I spent nearly one year working as a freelance writer in Florence, Italy and NOW live in the charming French village of Samois-sur-Seine, a 40-minute train ride south of Paris.  I don’t believe in letting other folks define ME — and you shouldn’t, either!

I hope to spark conversation among African-American women who love (or WANT) to travel abroad, who are never happier than when we’re in new and challenging foreign environments. I want to hear your comments about my trips – and I want to hear about yours. Wondering whether it’s cool to travel solo to Paris, or how you’d be received as a black woman in Rome?  Put it out here and we UrbanTravelGirls will jump in and give you the scoop. Looking for some fab, locals-only restaurants and boutiques in Florence, Barcelona or Buenos Aires? I’ll dish about it and hope other chicas visiting here will also share.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, hit the road, discover your own global bliss — and let’s chat about it!


So whether you are looking for travel ideas, or just looking to live vicariously through the travels of others, these women have a lot to offer. But don’t just take my word for it, go check them out for yourselves. You never know what might be waiting for you in the World unless you go searching.


Go #SoFabColor!




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