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“It takes a village,” Hillary Clinton famously said about raising children. I couldn’t agree with her more. But in today’s World our villages barely exist, because we have built homes and apartments willy nilly, instead of around a central edifice such as a school, a church or a community center of sorts. It’s hard to utilize the nurturing of the village if you don’t actually live in one. Well, not anymore. With the advent of social media and the great wide inter web, we are creating communities one hashtag at a time. We have a plethora of blogs to turn to for advice on many things, including parenting. For this week’s #SoFabColor list I am happy to celebrate the great advice and counsel these fine bloggers are offering our community…and me.


The Young Mommy Life


Tara  @TheYoungMommy

The Young Mommy

I created this site as a space where moms could speak the truth about young motherhood, whatever that means for you. I wanted to share my journey and give other young moms a voice, a place to feel like they belong. So many of the moms I’ve met through this site have gone through the same things – but we’ve all come out stronger. Join me as we discuss what it means to be a young mom – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Whether married or single, black or white, middle class or poor, we’re all young moms. Let’s share our story.


Lamar and Ronnie  @BlackandMarried


This site was created by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, a kinda-young couple with 4 kids that live in Atlanta. We share our opinions and points of view on relationships, parenting, politics, current events and anything in between. Since launching in December 2007 we’ve grown the site to include a managing editor and 10 contributing writers. We update the site on a daily basis so please come back often to check us out and spread the word. In the past year alone we’ve won the About.com Best Parenting Blog Award and have been designated by Parenting Magazine as one of 10  “Must Read” sites. We’re also regularly featured guests on multiple media outlets across the country.


Denene  @MyBrownBaby


MyBrownBaby is irreverent. Funny. Full of posts that make you think. Maybe even say, Amen, because it reminds you of what’s going on behind your closed door, with your family. It’s a place where African American parents and parents of black children and their opinions matter, and are heard, respected, and revered. For their poignancy and strength. For their intelligence and authenticity.

Because they deserve it.

Kelly   @MochaMomma


For some reason, people are fascinated that I was a teen mother. NOW people are fascinated that the daughter I placed for adoption has resurfaced and returned to my life. We’re working on a blended family with her and the other three children and me. It’s quite the package deal of Uber Crazy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Currently, I am an Academic Assistant Principal and I have about 400 students in my charge and the job is ever changing right now because my position is unique to all the high schools in our district. That makes me either like a leper or a really cool princess with special superpowers.  Sadly, I cannot come up with a funny phrase like “Deanery” yet. Feel free to jump in on that. Using bad words doesn’t help your efforts, either.

I have written product reviews and used to write daily about my coffee consumption and I have a fondness for the PR marketing folks who actually read my site and don’t ask me to try out their latest fat suit or suppositories. I’m not that kind of girl. I am also a Content Editor for BlogHer and all of my writing can be found here. I was a co-host for the vlog BackTalk with Erin from Queen of Spain, Chris from Notes from the Trenches, and Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil. Since I enjoy fashion, beauty, and all things related to hair products BlogHer also lets me write for their Fashion & Beauty Hacks column. Since my day job is as an educator, I like to occasionally write about the teaching profession.


Kimberly  @MochaManual


Kimberly Seals Allers is an award-winning journalist, a leading authority on issues relating to mothers of color, author of The Mocha Manual™ series of books and founder of www.MochaManual.com, a daily parenting and lifestyle destination and blog for African American moms and moms-to-be. A leading consultant, commentator and public speaker on African American motherhood experience, Kimberly’s life mission is to empower and educate all women of color to become powerful parents, flex their mama muscles and to live a life of endless possibilities. She is also a fiercely committed and highly respected advocate in the fight to reduce the high infant and maternal mortality rates and increase the low breastfeeding rates in the African American community. In addition to her popular blog on MochaManual.com, Kimberly blogs about the African American parenting experience for MomLogic.com, Babycenter.com, is a regular commentator for Essence.com and the “Multicultural Moms” channel leader for LiftetimeMoms.com. She also serves as editorial director of the Black Maternal Health Project of Women’s eNews, a project of the Kellogg Foundation and is an advisory board member of the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council. In 2011, Kimberly was named an IATP Food and Community Fellow, funded by the Kellogg Foundation, with a mandate to increase awareness and engagement around “the first food”—breastmilk, in vulnerable communities. Her first book, The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy (Amistad/HarperCollins) a hip, funny and informative pregnancy guidebook for women of color put her on the map as a pregnancy and parenting expert with real-deal insights. The book was nominated for an NAACP Image Award and later turned into The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy DVD, available at Walmart.com.

Elita  @Blacktating


Elita is the mother to a wonderful toddler boy who is still breastfeeding. She was inspired to create the Blacktating blog because of her passionate commitment to breastfeeding. What started as a side project to keep her occupied while on maternity leave has become her second baby. Elita’s loyal and growing readership consists of women who are passionate about breastfeeding, natural and green living and attachment parenting. Elita also has a large social network, consisting of over 1,300 followers on Twitter, 200+ Facebook friends and over 280 RSS subscribers. Elita has been featured in the book “Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?” (Mysko et al, 2009), reviews baby and kid products for Gruntlings.com and has been a featured guest blogger on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel parenting blog, “Moms & Dads,” the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog and My Brown Baby.

Good Enough Mother at its core is not about being a lazy parent. It is about doing your best and understanding your best will have to do! Rene was fed up watching women self-flagellate over the most innocuous of mistakes, running themselves ragged trying to keep up with society’s perception of what makes a good mother. Of course the people short changed in this were the kids, and themselves. Rene, AKA, the head GEM, wants women to understand how to separate what they should really worry about from what should wash off in the shower.

It takes a village, but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to assemble that village. But doing so is so worthwhile, don’t you think?

Go #SoFabColor!



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