Miss Lori learned at SOBCon and taught at SheCon12

At the beginning of May I stepped out of my comfort zone and into an amazing conference where the virtual meets the concrete, SOBcon. The conference is the brainchild of the irresistible Liz Strauss and the irreplaceable Terry St Marie. The conference is all about creating and leveraging opportunity. At the end of the second day of SOBcon we were challenged to identify goals, and ask questions of the group about how to achieve them. On my 3 x 5 card I wrote down that I wanted to to do more speaking and asked for advice about how to achieve that. i received a lot of great suggestions and made some solid contacts. But even more importantly I left there with my eyes and heart wider open to my goals, making it possible for opportunity to walk in. And that’s just what happened, the opportunity to provide the closing keynote at SheCon12. Which is what I just did this past weekend, and quite successfully judging from the twitter feed. Listen, we are in the business of social media because we believe that words have influence and power. The words that I heard at SOBcon conference influenced and empowered me to clarify my intentions and invite in opportunity. So, I want to share some of the words that heard with you in the hopes of inspiring great things from you and your work.


Tim Sanders @SandersSays

“You will generate enthusiasm if you have a higher purpose.”

“If you do good and pay attention your meaning of life will make an appearance.”

“True happiness comes not from self gratification but from defined purpose.”


Brian Solis  @BrianSolis

“The biggest myth is that I have a ghost write. The other myth is that I know everything.”

“These are transformative times when we ned more knowledge and substance.”

When you are persistent you can outlast resistance.”


Tim Storm  @TimStorm

“We create from nothing. We bring World’s into existence.”


Rick Turoczy  @Turoczy

“Vision keeps people engaged. Gets people out of bed.”

“There is no weak position, just weak positioning.”

“One of the most difficult things to balance is wanting to change the World while focusing on actual forward moving action.”

“Position is all about honesty, but it doesn’t need to be externally digestible, just a true statement  about where you are right now.”


Sammy Haroon  @globalcognition

“The social in social media is the moment of truth and we are driving it.”

“My personal feeling, human beings have been engaged primordially because of fear. Till then our five sense are required for interaction unless our reputation is so string that people trust us.”


Les McKeown  @LesMckeown

“The speed of the flow if info is too fast to achieve the medium or long term understanding that we are used to.”


Charles Gilkey  @Charliegilkey

“There are no more new ideas, just better ways to understand the one’s we’ve already got.”


Diane Brogan  @DianeBrogan

“We don’t retire because we don’t want to move to that underground condo.”

I used some of these quotes and all of this inspiration in my Keynote presentation at SheCon12. My goal was to empower attendees to see themselves and the professionals they are, clarify their brand goals and marry their inner intent with their outward projection so that their community could feel confident about and comfortable with their contributions. At the end of my presentation I challenged attendees to publish a post about their goals and their brand, just as the presenters of SOBcon challenged me. Full circle.


I began this month as the student and ended it as the teacher, all by leveraging opportunity. What will you do with your influence today?



This is a * Level 7: Miss Lori was provided with tickets for the conference mentioned in this post.

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