Miss Lori wants to be a part of the solution not the narrative at Clinton Global Initiative

Today I attended the Clinton Global Initiative #CGIAmerica Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago. I was thrilled to be invited to apply for a press pass. Shocked that I was granted one. But it went through. I was legitimate, and most importantly I was in; in on an incredibly important conversation heralded by an incredibly important President, President Bill Clinton. I came armed with my iPad, and my computer, but what I relied on most was my trusty dusty pen and pad of paper. I took vigorous notes. I struggled to capture word for word quotes that I felt were valuable and important to share. Here are a few.

President Clinton

“There is a strong commitment to our future in this country. We have to figure out how to manifest it.”

“4th law: if someone tells you it is not a money problem, they are always talking about someone else’s problem.”

“By 2018 63% of our jobs in the US will require some post secondary education.”

“There’s a lot going on that’s good here, but we have huge gaps in getting capital to flow and people trained for jobs.”


JB Pritzker

“Entrepreneurship will get us out of this (economic) mess. Education will keep us out.”

The Pritzker Foundation will provide seed capital in the amount of 1 million dollars for “market driven innovations for high quality advancements in early childhood education.”

We are making “equity and debt investments in entrepreneurs who are driving innovation.”


Fareed Zakaria

“If you cannot make productive investments with money this cheap (referring to low interest rates) you shouldn’t be running anything.”


Darlene Miller

“We have 600,000 job openings in manufacturing today, but we don’t have the skilled talent to fill them.”


Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

“I cannot tie Chicago’s future, vitality and recovery to Washington.” (paraphrased)

“In four years every child (in Chicago) will be within a 10 minute walk of a (Chicago) park district facility.”

“We have to be an engine of economic development.”

“Energy savings will be the financial infrastructure for putting people to work.”

“We have to invest in our physical infrastructure and invest in our human capital.”

“The public is an equal partner if not the majority partner in the public-private business relationship.”


Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor

“Businesses tell us, ‘We don’t necessarily need a four year degree, we need someone with soft skills and adaptability.'”

“I got a hand up, not a hand out. No matter what I still had to earn, and to prove myself.”

“We need to give youth the sense that someone in their neighborhood cares about them.”


JR Kerr

“Work the idea in this room, not the people.”


Kim Moldofsky

“This is a conference where the swag is ideas.”



“We need to reignite dreams. Making dreaming a National pastime.”

“At some point in life we all need a boost or a second shot.”

“Kids have influence over other kids. They are often the most effective source for spreading ideas and information to their peers, for better or for worse.”


I did enjoy the speeches and the interviews from the Plenary Sessions, but the one part of the CGI event that I most wanted to participate in was the “Reconnecting Youth” work session. Technically as “Press” the organizers didn’t really want me in the room, because they didn’t want any of the attendees to feel inhibited in their ideation. But this is the age of new media, where influencers may be “press,” but they are also significant contributors, not just to the narrative of action but the action itself. It makes more sense for me to be in the room contributing ideas than it does for me to just comment on them. Let’s face it, it’s because I actively work to be a part of the “solution”, through my personal and professional efforts, that I have influence in the webisphere in the first place. Denying me the opportunity to do what people look up to me for would defeat the purpose of my attendance.

Luckily I was let in after all. Hands down the best part of my day. I live for collaboration. Being in a room of innovators, such as the one’s who were with me in the session, elevates my game. I have been tossing around ideas for some time now about the role that social media could play in helping connect youths to businesses and to a potential career. I believe that using social media as a bridge would allow youths to share their social media acumen with businesses that simply need to have a department or strategy for this new media age, and businesses can likewise share their business acumen with youths looking to improve their skills and become more valuable in the work force. It wasn’t until I got in the room today that my thoughts were able to gel. Why did it happen here? Because I was in a room of smart, creative people dedicated to finding solutions. The enthusiasm was contagious and made for a highly charged, highly productive environment. On top of my “social media as a bridge between youths and businesses idea”, I came up with the idea for a program that would mimic a 401k type of matching funds situation. Kids would invest their capital in the form of grades, service, effort, community involvement, and extra curricular participation. Then a business would match the youth’s contributions with their own capital in the form of supplies, workshops, internships, mentoring programs, credit, tuition assistance and more. We are going to talk more about my ideas and the others generated in the session tomorrow morning. I can’t wait! This is what I hoped the Clinton Global Initiative would be, ideas to action. It is thrilling!

What ideas did you put into action today? What will you do tomorrow? I can’t wait to hear all about it.



This is a * Level 7: Miss Lori was provided with tickets for the conference mentioned in this post.

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  1. As I stated in my write-up, it was a frustrating spot to be in. As bloggers we’re often walking a very thin line between personal and professional. As a holder of a media pass, my role was clear to me, but I agree with you, it was challenging and frustrating not to jump in with ideas, opinions and resources. But I also don’t know that I’d be in a position to turn those ideas into action, after all, everyone else in the room had an employer covering at least some, if not all of their time on this important work. Whereas we need to pay our own parking fees and cover all expenses including our time away from paid work or meeting the needs of our families.

    And suddenly, I have a flash to our friends who were present at some of Oprah’s Lifeclasses (maybe you were included in the group?). They weren’t there to share their tips for success or better living, just to pass along some of Oprah’s gems.

    I came up with a few commitments of my own as well as a larger network that I hope to continue to engage with. We need to start somewhere, right?