Miss Lori will not be derailed by the label of PRESS

The semantics stopgap. I love this New World of empowerment and social media. It has afforded me so many opportunities to do more of the work that I have always wanted to do, in service of others. It has also provided my children with unique opportunities for education, enrichment, and of course fun! And it has made my business stronger and more effective. It’s wonderful! But not all of it. The hard part with something this new and this big is that the World doesn’t yet have a file folder for it, for me. So they keep trying to shove me into pre existing folders. For example. This week I am attending the Clinton Global Inititive Conference. I was over the moon when I received the email asking me to participate. Well, let me be more specific, I thought it was asking me to participate, but in hindsight I see that was not really the request. The email instructed me to apply for press credentials. I thought nothing of it, just a formality for entry. How wrong I was. This label, PRESS, proved not to gain me entry just a seat on the periphery, with only a controlled glimpse at the proverbial stage. Why? Because the work being done here is ideation, and the wonderfully creative, powerful and dynamic people who paid to participate in this great Global Think Tank don’t want anyone listening too close or watching too intently until they have polished up their intentions. Well, not anyone, just the press. Which according to my badge I am. But there in lies the rub. I’m not…PRESS that is. Not even remotely. I don’t report anything. At best I share my experiences in life. Never from an observatory deck, but from right in the thick of it. All you have to do is read my posts on MissLori.TV to know that to be true. I earned my stripes, my influence in the social media sphere not because I am an articulate commentator, I earned them because I am a solid and consistent contributor to the action of life. I am in the story, I don’t comment on it. Even when I talk about something in the “news” it is always from a personal experience and point of view. Case in point the Sandusky trial. The very piece I have been named one of Blogher’s Voices of the Year for. It’s not a news piece. My post took the NEWS of the Sandusky atrocity and turned it inward, shining the light on my own victimization, and from that I actively tried to effect the public on behalf of other victims who didn’t have a voice. No reporting there, just life and living.

The really ironic piece of all of this is that the work being done here at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference is so important to me I might very well have paid to have a seat at the table, if only I was asked to. But I wasn’t, because the label assigned to me was PRESS not CONTRIBUTOR, just because social media is an active part of my World.

The growing pains of building something new are in fact painful at times. This particular situation hurts because MissLori isn’t my job or a title, it’s who I am, to my core. But life is filled with cracks in the sidewalk, (if you are even lucky to have a sidewalk at all). And as I always say to other parents it’s as important, if not even more so, to teach our kids what to do when they fall than how to just stand tall. But in this instance I hope to lead by example at both. I am picking myself , (my heart, my ego, my pride), up from the sidewalk, dusting off, and I will stand tall as I walk back into the conference this afternoon and get back to work. Because that’s why I came here in the first place, and no label will pull me off my path and derail my mission, I’ll simply adjust my route.

In the end remember it’s not what others call you, it’s what you call yourself. Who do you want to be?



This is a * Level 7: Miss Lori was provided with tickets for the conference mentioned in this post.

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