Miss Lori offers 7 tips to beat the heat this Summer



The sun gets hotter as the day progresses. I encourage you to get your kids and yourself up and out early in the morning before the heat gets too intense. Plan your outdoor activities for before noon, before 11am really on particularly sweltering days. Take a walk in the park. Go for a bike ride or a run. Go see a #MissLoriConcert. (Shameless plug, I know.) But no matter what you do makes sure you lather up with sunscreen, don sunglasses and a hat. Even early sun rays can be dangerous.


Never leave home without a portable cooler or lunch bag. It’s easier to hydrate with cold drinks, so keep your drinks cool. Throw a few in the freezer the night before an excursion. That way the frozen drinks will remain cold and help keep surrounding items in your cooler cold as well. Don’t forget to pack juicy fruits too.  Everyone gets tired of drinking eventually, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop hydrating. Fruit is a wonderful alternative.


Water is great, but during hot days you need a lot of fluids, and water can get a little boring. I encourage you to expand your repertoire. My family loves V8 V-Fusion smoothies energy drinks, and especially their new Sparkling V-Fusion. Best of all there is a bonus in every can, a full serving of fruits/vegetables. Keeping your nutrition high helps your body function more efficiently, making survival in the heat more tolerable.


Air conditioning is wonderful but it’s more efficient if you keep the air moving. I love my ceiling fans for just this reason. But if you don’t have one you can always pick up an oscillating fan. I picked up one for less than $20 at Costco. But remember, there’s no need to run fans in a room that you aren’t using. (Don’t forget to dust your fan blades frequently, and be sure to change the air filter on your AC too.)


Summertime does offer beautiful, picturesque days to enjoy, but when the sun is shinning through your window it brings with it higher indoor temperatures. Don’t waste your energy, close your blinds and drapes. Keep your rooms dark and you will keep them cooler. If you took my earlier advice you were already outside in the early morning taking in the sites up close. Save your windows for night-scapes.


I am a huge fan of water parks, splash parks, swimming pools, slip and slides and good ole fashioned sprinklers! When the temps rise my family saves money on laundry by existing solely in their swimming suits! We make good use of them too. But water is best enjoyed when it is shared. Invite friends over for some “beat the heat” fun on your front lawn with a sprinkler or slip and slide. I have found some great home water tools at Aldi. Slip and Slides are our favorite, but sometimes you need something that sets up faster. No muss no fuss. And when a lawn isn’t an option you can never go wrong with a water blaster fight! But a special trip to a park district pool or splash park can be a World of fun. Or you can go really big and make a day of it at a local water park. My family loves to head just 45 miles outside of town to Raging Waves Waterpark. We discovered them when they started sponsoring my WTTW PBS Kids concert tours last year. We’re are excited to head back there for a visit on July 13th. (Of course I will be performing a concert first before any playtime, but it’s worth it!)


I know it seems counter intuitive that I am encouraging you to be a night owl in the same post that I am encouraging you to start your day early but, that’s what siestas are for! When the sun goes down the fun springs up. Take advantage of the wondrous opportunities that Summertime festivals offer, or park districts like ours in Chicago that screen movies after dark.  Plan a sunset picnic. Though make sure you replace your sunscreen with some good insect repellent. (There’s always a tradeoff.)

What are some of your favorite Summertime cooling solutions? With three kids I am always open for more suggestions. Please share away!



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  1. Lisa I am so addicted to the Sparkling V8 fusion I can’t even tell you. Especially at my concerts. Yesterday it was 103 degrees at my show! I have to keep up the nutrients and the Sparkling is such a refreshing way to do it. Enjoy!



  2. Hey “Cooler-Moms” are the cooler moms Colleen! Keep hydrating!



  3. Good luck with your husband on the Siesta front Megryansmom!



  4. I’ll certainly be pointing out to my hubby that Miss Lori endorses the SIESTA! Best advice ever!

  5. Great advice! I don’t really have anything new to add, but I’m always the Mom with a cooler full of drinks and snacks just about everywhere we go in the summer, and whether I realized I was doing it or not, we do come in during the hottest parts of the afternoon as well!

  6. Oh I hadn’t seen the sparking stuff. Love the other products in that line though so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  7. Great Tips! We don’t let the kids swim in the hottest part of the day either. Grandma has a pool so that waits until later afternoon when the sun isn’t so intense.