Miss Lori uses her Twitter power to tell stories for events and brands

What’s in a tweet? Ideas. Information. Action. But when you add a hashtag to a tweet it becomes a part of a larger conversation series. And that series, when you look at it in a stream, can tell a very interesting, sometimes powerful story.


My #CGIAmerica Tweets

My 9yo wasn’t interested in my going to #CGIAmerica until she saw@NeilTyson will be there. He’s a star in her eyes (mine too)!#sofabcolor

RT @ClintonGlobal: Good morning #Chicago. Who is ready to turn#IdeasIntoAction today? #CGIAmerica ~I am, most definitely!#sofabcolor

RT @PaulRieckhoff: Gr8 lineup at #CGIAmerica@FareedZakaria,@KasimReed @neiltysonhttp://www.cgiamerica.org @ClintonGlobal@IAVA ~innovators!

RT @ClintonGlobal: A few leaders speaking at #CGIAmerica:@BillHaslam @MayorSanders @Michael_Nutter @KasimReedWebcast http://bit.ly/CGIA12

Headed to the @clintonglobal #cgiamerica conf this morn in#chicago. Ready to save the World! #sofabcolor whhttp://instagr.am/p/LkvAF8AlPz/

The stage is set the audience is being seated let @clintonglobal#cgiamerica begin! #sofabcolor http://instagr.am/p/Lk4t0NAlDm/

At 11 am EDT, Pres. Clinton will open #CGIAmerica 2012, to turn#IdeasIntoAction for the US economy. Join us: http://bit.ly/CGIA12

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There are 900 idea makers here @clintonglobal #cgiamerica, including 6mayors, 2govs, 2cabinet members, 1 frmr president!

“we have a string commitment to our future in this country. We have to figure out how to manifest it.” #clinton #cgiamerica

“Entrepreneurship will get us out of this mess, early childhood education will keep us out.” #JBPritzker #cgiamerica

Pritzker foundation will provide equity & debt investments in entrepreneurs driving innovation in early childhood education#cgiamerica

Chicago will build web portal for parents to see info on#earlychildhood care in the City funded by Pritzker. #CGIAmerica

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Can you imagine an entirely electric car country? Pres #clinton says#costarica can #cgiamerica

#Clinton‘s 4th law: someone tells u it’s not a $prob, they’re always talking ab some1 else’s prob” #cgiamerica

Clinton: By 2018, 60 pct of U.S. jobs will require post-secondary education #CGIAmerica

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Pres. Clinton: Knowledge gap is a constraint on the growth of our economy. #education #cgiamerica

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Only 30% of African Americans & 20% of Latinos have the equivalent of an associates degree. #cgiamerica


Live now on the #CGIAmerica webcast: @FareedZakaria speaks about “The State of Our Union” http://bit.ly/KRn79K

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“people with power points rarely have power and never have a point” @fareedzakaria #cgiamerica

“if u can’t make productive investments w $ this cheap u shouldn’t be in charge of anything” @fareedzakaria #cgiamerica


“you can get anywhere around the country from the city of #chicago& we are a livable city” @chicagosmayor #cgiamerica


I can’t afford for this city to be waiting for washington to act@chicagosmayor #cgiamerica #chicago

“in 4yrs every child in #chicago will live within a 10min walk of a park district facility” @cchicagosmayor #cgiamerica


“we have to be an engine of economic development” @rweingarten#cgiamerica


“we need to invest in our physical infrastructure & invest in our human capital” @chicagosmayor #cgiamerica


“energy savings in #chicago will be the financial structure for putting people to work” @chicagosmayor #cgiamerica


“public is an equal partner in the public-private business relationship” @chicagosmayor #cgiamerica


Nice parking meter jab @FareedZakaria #Chicago #CgiAmerica

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“the largest water infrastructure investment project is here in#chicago” @chicagosmayor #cgiamerica

Ten thousand people applied for 75 labor jobs in #chicago@chicagosmayor #cgiamerica


May I just say the interim music here @clintonglobal #cgiamerica is jamming’!


Tweet your questions for the upcoming @clintonglobal panel at#cgiamerica!


What can we do to decrease the barriers of growth and increase the drivers? @ClintonTweet #cgiamerica


The US does produce mare manufacturing than China, India and Brazil combined #cgiamerica


“we have 600,000 job openings in manufacturing right now we just don’t have the skilled talent” #rightskillsnow #cgiamerica


” we don’t necessarily need someone w 4yrdegree-need soft skills & adaptability” @hildasolisdol #cgiamerica


.#cgiamerica “@PDeeDixon@misslori we produce more than those countries via size. what is demand for our products world wide?”


800 , but still helpful “@JoAnn_Jenkins#CGIAmerica @CocaCola will employ 800,000 army vets.”


Our education system is in shambles. No wonder we can’t find skilled talent for the job openings available. #cgiamerica


Not everyone needs a 4yr degree, but everyone nds to finish high school @clintontweet #cgiamerica


We’re kidding ourselves if we don’t acknowledge the racial divide concerning the issue of on time HS graduation #cgiamerica

Kids nd a couple of instances of hope & inspiration as examples that education is worth their effort #cgiamerica


Earlier this yr it was reported #chicago was disciplining minorities more strictly than whites-kids don’t believe we care. #cgiamerica


We should treat HS education like a 401k with matching funds. Kids put in their grade capital &we match w training capital #cgiamerica


Why wait till after high school let’s put shop-computer science-digital design as core curriculum in HS! #cgiamerica #rightskillsnow


I don’t understand why the “press” are being kept separated from attendees @clintonglobal #cgiamerica. Counterintuitive


RT @PPPAdvisory: RT @JimZbuildOn#CGIAmerica 18m parents would send their kids 2 prgrms if they could afford it. buildOn is free!


My #v8vfusion kept me powered up to generate ideas in my#cgiamerica reconnecting youth session @clintonglobhttp://instagr.am/p/LlongrglN_/


I’m 1 of only 2 here in the #cgiamerica press pen. All the others escaped! Alert the authorities! @clintonglobal


I’m so proud of the ideas we generated in the #cgiamerica#reconnectingyouth work session @clintonglobal. Excited for tomorrow!


The 1 picture I must get @clintonglobal #cgiamerica is of @neiltysonfor my 9yo. She’s a huge fan of @novascinow. Me too!

We need to raise the reputation of the teaching profession and match that with pay. #cgiamerica


I’m disappointed that there haven’t been any business leaders of color speaking at @clintonglobal #cgiamerica today #sofabcolor


“A leaders’ first job is to define reality” Gov of Tenn #cgiamerica


“From a business perspective we have got to figure out a way to pool our resources on behalf of education” #cgiamerica


Watch live: “Place-Based Innovation” w/ @MariaBartiromo@annimaniac @MayorSanders http://bit.ly/KRn79K #CGIAmerica

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Thrilled to see the incredibly vibrant and innovative @annimaniac on stage @clintonglobal #cgiamerica


Businesses need to tell community colleges what skill sets they need their potential workforce to possess. #cgiamerica

How can we expect the jobs of yesterday to be the jobs of tomorrow? #cgiamerica


Day 1 wrap up of #CGIAmerica including favorite quotes from@FareedZakaria @ClintonTweets @ChicagosMayorhttp://bit.ly/KfRqsn

Hey @KimMoldofsky you had one of my favorite quotes yesterday. I included it in my #CGIAmerica day 1 wrap up http://bit.ly/KfRqsn


“When individuals align their money with their values the results are transformative” #CGIAmerica

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Incredibly disappointed to be denied re-entry to Reconnecting Youth session this morning because my badge says press. #cgiamerica


“I’m so tired of hearing people tell me what they’re not willing to do. We don’t need any more Dr Nos” Peter G. Peterson #cgiamerica


Peter Peterson at #CGIAmerica: “Fat cats like me need to pay their fair share.” Crowd applauds.

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RT @demaionewton: “If you’re on a dying horse, you best dismount.” – Pete Peterson #cgiamerica ~ put it down!


We have to identify new pathways to opportunity for all Americans. A new American dream to work for. #cgiamerica


Joan Walker @allstate said people of color are generally optimistic about their future in America based on polling. Do u agree?#cgiamerica



RT @auerswald: RT @ClintonGlobal: Tweet your ?’s for@JohnHopeBryant@aijenpoo or the rest of the panel w/#CGIAmerica http://bit.ly/KRn79K


@johnhopebryant said that the CEO of @allstate is so cool he is an honorary black guy. #cgiamerica


“this isn’t a recession it is a reset” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


” nobody wants a home loan they want to be a home owner… Maybe to badly.” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


” if you can move a 550 credit score to 670 you change everything.”@johnhopebryant #cgiamerica #financialdignity

If you are looking for truth talk and inspiration regarding financial dignity you need to follow @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“there is no elevator to the top. It’s one step at a time.” Jerry Sue Thornton #cgiamerica

“We have to be nimble. We have to take out old programs and add new programs without new funding” jerry sue Thornton #cgiamerica


A person turns 65 every 8 seconds in America. #cgiamerica


“there is room for everyone at the table to help” @ aijenpoo#cgiamerica


1 in 10 African American men is under the supervision of the US justice system. i.e. they are in or have been in jail #cgiamerica


“you have got to give people some aspirations and dignity to hold onto” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica #financialdignity


“every1 in this room’s doing something not bcuz they’re brilliant but bcuz they saw something that spoke 2 them” @johnhopebryant#cgiamerica


RT @dforsythedc: “In the past 20 years, our culture has made dumb sexy; it’s time to make smart sexy again!” #cgiamerica


“kids model what they see. We’ve got to give them something different to look at.” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“kids want to be successful, they don’t want a lecture. They want a job!” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“philanthropy is not enough to solve these problems”@johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“no one is focusing on making young people job creators. Focus on youth economic energy” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“the young people in my neighborhood are natural hustlers. We need to harness that energy” @johnhopebryant #cgiamerica


“we need to help people understand that they are a valuable part of our landscape.” jerry sue thornton #cgiamerica


Chelsea Clinton did a masterful job today. What an eloquent speaker she is. #cgiamerica


What are you doing to raise your level of dignity and the dignity of those around you? #cgiamerica


In a time when we have so many ways to communicate we have very little effective communication. Not so at #cgiamerica#ideastoaction


The conversations about fixing our dropout problem must include youth voices to be successful & impactful #cgiamerica


The nose dive of our economy was a sucker punch that was felt in some way by all Americans. We all have skin in this #cgiamerica

HOW can you DO something? Start with 1person &build from there. Share what you know with someone who needs it. #cgiamerica


RT @rschwartz418: Close STEM gap 4 women/ppl of color & eliminate shortage of qualified ppl 4 tech jobs -Pres Clinton#CGIAmerica


So many families in foreclosure desperately need a guide through the darkness of the system. We need to turn on the lights#cgiamerica


“there were 50 sites on the web when I became President, more than that have been added since I began talking” @clintontweets#cgiamerica

“I hate all this debt” Pres Clinton #cgiamerica


“I think the problem we have isn’t an intellectual problem it’s a will problem” @kasimreed #cgiamerica


“being a mayor is where hope meets the streets” @kasimreed#cgiamerica

“we need to Hold leaders accountable. If you don’t want to pay the price you shouldn’t hold the job” @kasimreed #cgiamerica


There is no easy way out of this mess. It’s gonna take sweat equity, bold ideas and lots of courage. #cgiamerica


We don’t need more charity we need more economic and jobs programs #cgiamerica


“It’s not about predicting the future, it’s about building it.”#cgiamerica

Put your head down, invest and build -regina Dugan #cgiamerica


99% of US businesses are small. they employ 1/2 the US workforce. They are the most consistent job creators. #cgiamerica


Don’t be in the problem identification business, be the solutions business. #cgiamerica


If you can just show a small business how to have a website-social media sites, you will improve their business #cgiamerica


Miss Lori ?@misslori

“when was the last time we as a country longed?” @neiltyson #cgiamerica


the space program not only stimulates an innovation nation it defines our future ambitions and potential #cgiamerica

The first earth rise photo was the first time we really discovered earth- @neiltyson #cgiamerica

It is because of @neiltyson that my 9yo daughter thinks science is cool and something she can do #cgiamerica

We should Turn the solar system into our backyard – @ neiltyson#cgiamerica

Not all science advancements will help all people the day after it is discovered – @neiltyson #cgiamerica

Dream big! We need to get our kids dreaming again. Dreams bring hope and inspiration. #cgiamerica

Social media gives disconnected youth a voice. Now we need to use it to give them a purpose. #cgiamerica

Powerful black men shinning bright at #cgiamerica @kasimreed@neiltyson @johnhopebryant#sofabcolor

We start life asking why. Why is the sky blue?why does it rain?Why?why?Why? Why did we stop asking why? #cgiamerica

Each child has a fingerprint of learning. You just have to uncover their individual capability. #cgiamerica

A lot of people who condemn these politicians elected them in 1st place because they told them what they wanted to hear #cgiamerica

I get chills listening to @neiltyson #cgiamerica

“we have to keep breaking down the barriers” -Pres Clinton#cgiamerica

“at the root of getting all involved in science is the fundamental sense of wonder” regina Dugan @motorola #cgiamerica

I need to find a new #chicago school for my 9yo because her present 1isn’t doing enough with science to meet her desire#cgiamerica

I need to find a new #chicago school for my 9yo because her present 1isn’t doing enough with science to meet her desire#cgiamerica

I need to find a new #chicago school for my 9yo because her present 1isn’t doing enough with science to meet her desire#cgiamerica

We need to plot pathways to jobs for youths with as much detail as we plan a city or a neighborhood. #cgiamerica

Hey that’s my idea @clintontweet! Social media as a bridge between youths and businesses. Supply and demand! #cgiamerica

Don’t think you as a lay person don’t have value to bring to the table. You are an asset! You just have to find your niche #cgiamerica

“less argument more action” @clintontweet #cgiamerica

I didn’t want to leave the #cgiamerica Ballroom for fear that the surging hope & inspiration I felt would disappear in the light of day

RT @ClintonGlobal@misslori Thank you for your insightful tweets and dedication to turning #IdeasIntoAction#CGIAmerica ~it was my honor

I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/WVUoY-bfWvI?aPresident Clinton shares Miss Lori’s idea at CGIAmerica clos


The ability to conjure up ideas is not limited by your bank balance just your courage to dream out loud #cgiamerica

I am known in circles as a power tweeter because of my ability to share volumes of information 120-140 characters at a time during the course of an event. I work very hard to bring my community into the milieu of an event. Social media is meant to be just that, a social exchange. My tweets aren’t meant to stand alone, they are meant to inspire conversation, inspire sharing and inspire action. I don’t report on an event I get in the middle of it, sharing the view from within with everyone I can touch through my engagement.
What are you doing with your twitter pressence? Are you harnessing the power of twitter and the all mighty hashtag. Be powerful. Tweet from within.



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