Miss Lori is helping Whirlpool give away a refrigerator for FilterFresh Month

I am a big believer in playing to your reality. And the reality is most of us understand that drinking water is an essential part of a good health plan. We get it. But life is so busy these days, and there are so many moving parts, we don’t always have the time or resources to do what’s best for us. I get that too. That is why I am a fan of spending a little extra time to install items and practices in my life that make healthy choices easier and more consistent. That’s why I have a water filtration system.

Ten years ago when I was buying appliances for my new house the one thing I knew for sure was that I needed to get refrigerator that had a built in water filtration system. I wasn’t sure about any other feature, but that one was a deal breaker. Why? Because I know me. I know how crazy my day can be. I know that I need the easiest healthy yes’s available to me, and having a filtered water system makes filling up my water bottle an easy yes. Not only an easy yes, but a less expensive one. Bottled water can add up to some serious change, not to mention some serious landfill. Filling up your own portable water bottle, with your own filtered water, from your own refrigerator makes big sense without costing big cents.

The filter is the key. It’s what assures you that you have the freshest water possible. That’s why you have to remember to change your filter regularly, (usually every six months depending on the make and model of your fridge). My friends at Whirlpool understand how hard you work to do right by your family, that is why they have designated this month as Filter Fresh month, to help you remember how important it is to change your refrigerator water filter. Don’t have a refrigerator with a water filtration system? Well, Whirlpool has an answer for that too. On Wednesday July 11th they have asked me to host a #FilterFresh Twitter Party. If you attend you can potentially win $600 fitness packages or…wait for it…a brand new Whirlpool Refrigerator with a water filtration system built right in! Who says you don’t have friends in cool places!

Whirlpool has got your back, do you have theirs? You can prove it by following their twitter id’s @WhirlpoolCorp & @Kitchensci and liking their company fan page on Facebook. But most importantly you must fill out the RSVP survey and leave a comment below after doing so. That way we know we can expect you at the party. Then tweet your joy to the Twitterverse and invite your friends to join you at the party. (Health is best shared you know.) Remember you can’t win if you don’t attend so mark your calendars now, just like you should be marking your calendars about changing your water filter. You are doing it for yourself. You are doing it for your family. And we’re doing it together! Now that’s healthy!


What:                      Filter Fresh Month Twitter Party

When:                     Wednesday, July 11, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

Why:                        July is here and that means it’s time to change your refrigerator’s water filter! Join our conversation about hydrating responsibly and the benefits of drinking filtered water for your chance to win a new Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filter filtration system.

Hashtag:                 #FilterFresh

Host:                        Miss Lori- Follow on Twitter @MissLori & @MissLoriTV, Follow on Facebook at MissLoridotTV

Co-Hosts:               Whirlpool Corporation (@WhirlpoolCorp) and Whirlpool’s Institute of Kitchen Science (@KitchenSci)

Requirements:    Click here to take survey and RSVP below by leaving a comment in the comment section about why your family needs a new Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filtration system. Then Tweet your excitement to the Twitterverse!

“I’m getting #FIlterFresh with @MissLori & @Whirlpoolcorp 7/11. Join the party 6-7pm CST WIN! RSVP http://bit.ly/MMIYhV”

And since I know you are a studious community I have included some background information on the Whirlpool Filter Fresh Campaign below:

The Filter Fresh initiative began in 2009 as a way to remind people to change their refrigerator’s water filter. Changing the water filter regularly is necessary for keeping common, yet harmful, contaminants out of drinking water. Additionally, drinking the daily recommended amount of water – 64 ounces or 8 glasses – is essential for your overall health.

Drinking plenty of water has always been critical for one’s wellbeing, but staying hydrated and getting healthy has never been more important. According to a 2011 report released by the National Center for Health Statistics, more than half of Americans consume sugary drinks on a daily basis. The report states that sugary drinks have been linked to “poor diet quality, weight gain, obesity, and in adults, type 2 diabetes.” And teens are the worst offenders; their one-day consumption is more than half the weekly intake suggested by the American Heart Association.

“Regularly changing your refrigerator water filter ensures your family is drinking fresh, healthy water,” said Wendeline Ortiz, Brand Marketing Manager. “By celebrating Filter Fresh month, we remind families to make a commitment to providing care for their loved ones.”

As an alternative to sodas and sugary sports drinks, water hydrates your body and helps it work more efficiently. Drinking water can boost your metabolism, which gives you energy and helps your body burn calories faster, making it a necessary part of a healthy diet.

Whirlpool refrigerator water filters are a great way to ensure you drink enough water – but you have to make sure the filter stays fresh. Remembering to change your filter every six months is not only smart, but convenient, as many refrigerators have an easy access system located at the bottom of the grille or just inside the door. Plus, Whirlpool Corporation provides an automatic water filter replacement program that sends filters right to consumers’ homes, with no cost for shipping. www.whirlpool.com/waterfilters.

You have the background information, you have the instructions, you have the impetus to be healthy. So what are you waiting for? RSVP-COMMENT-TWEET so maybe you can WIN!

RSVP for my Whirlpool Filter Fresh Twitter Party HERE and below. See you on the 11th!





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* Level 11 Post: Miss Lori was compensated for administering this contest or party.

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  1. @reinaheather says:

    I would love to have a new fridge, really need one, however not been able to make the purchase. What a blessing this would be, thanks for the chance, See you @reinaheather or @reinaheather2

  2. @jeevonkay says:

    I really need a bigger and better refrigerator for my growing family especially my kids. They deserve to get fresh and clean water through good filtration system. We have really hard water here in Texas and I believe that this Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filtration system will definitely make our life better and healthier.

  3. Both my daughters drink only water and milk, having this filtration system would be so convenient for our family! We love water and drink loads of it everyday. Having it so easily accessible will keep us hydrated the whole summer!

  4. We need a new refridgerator because we are moving to a new home at the end of the month and would Love a new fridge for the new house. And, we’re moving to Arizona so the colder the better! :)


  5. Fun seeing all your pictures on Instagram! Took the survey– ready to win!!

  6. @ktandbri will be there!

    We need a new fridge with water filtration because right now we just use filtered pitchers. So we’re always stuck refilling all the time. It would be easier to encourage my family to drink more water if we had a filtration system

  7. Tiffany dover says:

    Ll be there! @mrs_riot our family needs a new fridge bad, ours isn’t freezing or keeping things cold anymore.

  8. Linda B (@4evamamii) says:

    we could use this in our household because we want to eat fresh and healthy. We just started to eat more at home for about 2 and half months. and i have seen a change in our lives once we stopped eating at the take outs and restaurants!

  9. Linda B (@4evamamii) says:

    Our family could use this because the fridge is so old, slow and isn’t up to date. we would love to use this technology to enchance our lives!!

  10. My family could use a new fridge because ours is getting old and is broke, our filteration system does not and neither does our ice maker. Thanks for the chance.


  11. Kelly J Hubbard says:

    Count me in , my landlord got me this cheap Frig and I hate it, not enough freezer space at all

  12. stacey brickner (@st4ceynicole) says:

    We are moving at the end of the month and a new refrigerator would be an awesome help!! =)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Completed the survey and rsvp’ing as @martiferg. I cannot tell you just how grateful I am at the chance to win. We are gradually replacing appliances in our kitchen and our fridge is long overdue for an upgrade. We love water here, an I am dreaming of a fridge with a filter for my kid’s water. Looking forward to this chat and again thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize. Following everyone on twitter and liked on Facebook. I think I have fulfilled all requirements but let me know if I forgot anything. Tweet you tomorrow night!!

  14. Misty Bentley says:

    Partying @ whirlpool…wanna win a fridge…my whirlpool is 30 yrs old!!! I’m @ mistybentley

  15. Misty Bentley says:

    Partying @ whirlpool…wanna win a fridge…my whirlpool is 30 yrs old!!!

  16. I really, really, really need a new refrigerator. Our current one was used when we got it twelve years ago and it is in rough shape. There is no drip pan so it frequently leaks all over the kitchen floor (a bit of a pain on cold sock days), my daughter broke the bottom shelf so that if you open the door too quickly everything falls on the floor, it ranges from freezing items in the refrigerator to being too hot in the freezer which is only compounded by the fact there is very little freezer space, and a few months ago the bulb burned out and I spent a month scouring discount and hardward stores trying to replace it to no avail so now it’s just dark in there. We buy gallon jugs of bottled water now which takes up most of the top rack of the refrigerator. Having a walter filtration system would put an end to that as well. I have priced a new one and the one that is the right size for the space is twice what I was prepared to spend. I could really use a new one. Please help.

  17. I’d love to win for several reasons. #1-our refrigerator is almost 14 yrs old
    #2 our water tastes horrible #3 It would save me lots of money on bottled water!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    RSVP @sleatham1

  18. I am concerned about the contents in our water system and why it is so important to have a great water filteration system in place. We would love a new reliable fridge especially with a system like this…it seems we replace ours every 3 yrs b/c of malfunctions. One time it broke during the holidays, thank goodness it was a cold winter, last time it was in July before my daughter’s bday and thank goodness for great neighbors.

  19. rsvp @WendyNoel72. To win a Whirlpool fridge with a built in water filtration system would be fantastic since purchasing one is way out of my budget. It would definitely remind & encourage us to drink up & stay hydrated! We are water drinkers, but could use room for improvement & with this fridge being so efficient & convenient, it would help. And bonus that my 4 year old requests water instead of juice! Our fridge now doesn’t have an ice maker- let alone a water dispenser if that indicates how old it is. (not green at all) ! iknowiknow. Thanks for the chance :)

  20. I would be trying to win this for my parents, they really need a new fridge and they currently have no filtration system! I’m excited for this party to get more info and the chance to win a Whirlpool Fridge! Thanks.

  21. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    @Lexiquin is excited about your party and hopes to attend–thanks!
    We really need a new refrigerator! The one we’re using we “inherited” when my parents moved into an assisted living facility 14 years ago (who knows how old it was when they gave it to us!)
    Thanks, Miss Lori! Tweet you tomorrow 😉

  22. Christina Z says:

    RSVP for the party tomorrow evening and my family needs a Whirlpool fridge with water filteration system on it because we dont have any water filtering system at all and I buy bottled water but would love love a fridge with a water filtering system. My sister had a fridge like this before and the kids loved the water. See you at the party.

  23. I would love a new refrigerator because my current one is mustard yellow and the ice machine does not work, much less, no filter system and no ice maker. .. And I love ice!! RSVP for @dreamfishing

  24. We need a new Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filtration system because our current refrigerator doesn’t even have an ice maker let alone water filtration and I’m very worried about water safety. Our state just passed the law allowing fracking here in NC. I can’t afford to buy bottled water and I’m concerned about the safety of it also.

  25. We currently are using the fridge that came with the house when we bought it. It’s old, freezes food randomly, and doesn’t offer filtered water. I’ll be there to see my name as the winner! @dewer421

  26. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    My family could really use this because the fridge we have it about 10 years old. It leaks and doesn’t have a water filtration system. We get poland springs water delivered instead of using a filtered pitcher because you constantly have to replace the filter. If we had this Whirlpool fridge we could save so much money and have a much more efficient fridge.


    thank you.

  27. Since my fridge is freezing things and my freezer is melting things, this would be great! @suebob

  28. @angelmom037 says:

    We are saving up for a new fridge now! This would be such a blessing! Thanks for the chance :)

  29. In addition to being a HOT summer here in West Michigan – I am doing a weight loss campaign and of course they are hammering down on drinking water! I love that Whirlpool is a West Michigan company and would love to have an awesome product from ‘the home team’! :)

  30. @beadreamaker Sheila Vives says:

    Doing my warm- up tweetercises to get fit for the party ! Woot ! Whirlpool !

  31. Having a water system in a refrigerator always encourages my children to drink more water. Why? Because the dynamics of children make anything that you have to work for less desirable. LOL! If the water is already embedded in the door, they’re prone to ALWAYS drink it! Win for mom and dad!

  32. My family would love a new whirlpool fridge with filtration system! Our current fridge came with our house and it was well used by the previous owner! We also drink tons of water and I would love to stop having to buy water bottles!!

  33. Kevin E says:

    My family needs a new Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filtration system because we want to ditch the bottled water and make our own fresh cool filtered water!


  34. tiffany ard @tiffany053p says:

    RSVP @tiffany053p My family needs a new frig with a water filteration system because we are trying to get healthier and drink more water! No more cold drinks here, water all the way!!!

  35. @southernpurse says:

    My family needs one because it would awesome to have the confidence that I am contributing to them living a beter healthy life.

  36. Dee Dixon says:

    Am so looking forward to it!!

  37. My family is moving to a new home and the refridgerator that is there is definitely in need of an upgrade! Would love to have a Whirlpool fridge with a great filtration system!

  38. We need a new refrigerator with a filtration system in it because last year when I was out of town our refrigerator died and my husband went out and bought this crappy one. It’s so much smaller and makes so much noise. Grrrrrr, I wish I would have been able to pick out the new one. I can’t stand this one!!

  39. Would love to give it ot my sister. She’s busy keeping all 7 of her kids hydrated all day all the time! She has a refrigerator but it’s so ratted and old from the miles of usage it gets.

  40. Betty Baez says:

    My family would truly benefit from a whirlpool refrigerator with a built in water filtration system. I spend a lot of money on purchasing bottled water. Not only that all the food storage space capability is amazing. Fingers crossed! I will be there! @angelgenius27

  41. Betty Baez says:

    My family would truly benefit from a whirlpool refrigerator with a built in water iteration system. I spend a lot of money on purchasing bottled water. Not only that all the food storage space capability is amazing. Fingers crossed! I will be there! @angelgenius27

  42. Attending! My family definitely needs a new Whirlpool refrigerator with filtration system! We are always on the go and living in a hot climates year round we need to stay hydrated and healthy. We are serious water drinkers so this would be perfect for us instead of buying water bottles that lug up the environment.

  43. We need a new refrigerator because ours is old and the ice maker is broken. With two growing boys I could also use the extra space to store our food. Thank you for the chance to win! @simplyandreah

  44. We could definitely benefit from a new fridge, ours doesn’t have any water system on it, so having one that did would be awesome for everyone! @UnKatchable73

  45. Wendy McMahan says:

    I can’t wait to attend your twitter party and win this nice Fridge. My kids will go crazy over that and they are growing up fast which means I gotta get bigger Fridge.

    Good Luck Everybody!!!

  46. My family could benefit from the new Whirlpool refrigerator with a water filtration system because our fridge is old, slow, and we need a fresh piece of technology in this house!

  47. Our family could use this because 1, our current fridge is making noises that make me very nervous and 2, with kids that play 4 sports combined I am filling water bottles almost daily so the filtration system would be amazing

  48. Susan S. says:

    I will be there. I am @rsmstahley