Miss Lori teaches Twitter party participation in 6 easy steps

Have you ever been invited to a party, but just didn’t know how to fit in? That’s the case for a lot of people when they see invites to Twitter parties, like the ones I have been posting for the last week. I’m hosting a Twitter party for Whirlpool and we are giving away a brand new refrigerator! Now I don’t know many people in my sphere who wouldn’t love to win a brand new fridge, but a twitter party seems so unattainable to them. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not. You can join the party, and have fun, and maybe, maybe even win something! I’m going to walk you through it so you will never have to feel left out again. Ready? Here we go.

1. Sign up for twitter

All you need to open an accounts your actual name, an email address, (again use your personal email not your work or business), and the twitter ID you want to be known for.  Twitter characters are real estate. You only have 140 to create a tweet, (120 if you want to be retweeted…and you do), so your ID can make or break you. I strongly recommend going with something that will easily be attributed to you, like your name or initials, or some combination there of. If you have a brand-product-company you can use that, but if you are just looking to test the twitter waters, or if you are only looking to party, keep it simple, short, and personal.  (This is not the speech I would give you if I were counseling you on branding FYI.) Once you have completed all of the fields you will be sent a confirmation email from twitter. Click on the link in the email and then you are ready to go.

2. Follow the party.

You need to follow the Twitter party hosts so that their tweets will show up in your “twitter stream”.  For example for my Whirlpool #FilterFresh party coming up July 11th, 2011 you would follow:

@MissLori, @MissLoriTV, @WhirlpoolCorp, @Kitchensci.

But in order to fully take part in the party festivities you need to follow the party hashtag. For example #FilterFresh. Imagine if you will, that you go to a cocktail party filled with people that you don’t know. Folks are scattered around the room in groups. Above each group is a talk bubble with a topic heading in the form of a hashtag, like #filterfresh. Now, you don’t know these people, and you can’t hear what they are saying, (IE they are not in your twitter stream because you aren’t following them). However, if you include the conversation topic, (IE the hashtag), in your tweet they will hear what you are saying. And by following the hashtag conversation you will likewise hear what they are saying. Then, if you enjoy each other tweets, you can follow each other and join together in the twitter stream forever more. A rather nice way to get to know new people don’t you think? Especially people who are interested in the same things that you are. That’s the beauty of hashtags.


Now, as with any party it’s polite for you to RSVP so the host knows to expect you. For a twitter party it’s even more important because an RSVP is usually required in order for you to be eligible to win any giveaways that may be awarded during the course of the party. You don’t want to miss out on the SWAG! Nuh Uh! So again, using the example of my #FilterFresh party, you would access the party post on my blogsite by clicking the link . Follow the directions for participation offered in the post. For #FilterFresh you need to fill out a few survey questions, then leave a comment on the blogpost itself, sharing why you want to win a new refrigerator. After you complete the required actions it’s time to share your plans with the World. No matter what party you attend you always want to tweet out your excitement. Many times a suggested tweet will be offered in the party post like this:

“I’m getting #FIlterFresh with @misslori &@WhirlpoolCorp 7/11. Join the party 6-7pm CST & WIN! RSVP bit.ly/MMIYhV

But as long as you include the pertinent information about the party, (IE party hashtag, party host twitter IDs & party post link), you should be good to go.

4. Grid And Bear It

Now for the actual party! Twitter parties, especially one’s with prizes, are very fast moving. It can seriously overwhelm even a seasoned Twitter party goer. That’s why it is incredibly helpful if you utilize a party grid like TweetGrid or Tweetchat. They are free, but extremely valuable. By following the site usage directions, plugging in the appropriate information, (party hashtag and host IDs), you will be able to monitor the conversation of the party more acutely without all of the distraction of regular Twitter getting in the way.

5. Mix and Mingle

Don’t be shy. Go ahead and tweet out a hello to the party hosts. Just make sure that you ALWAYS include the hashtag for the party or you will miss out on important stuff, like prizes! You may find that you gain a handful of new followers during and after a party. Check out their profiles and if it feels right, follow back. This is how you build your community, one person at a time. Just like off -line life huh? See, you instinctively know how to do this Twitter stuff, you just have to trust your instincts.

6. Don’t be a party pooper

Don’t be a bad guest. Don’t whine or complain if you don’t win. Don’t be ungrateful, unsupportive or unsportsman like. Parties are meant to be fun. And while the odds of winning are far better than the Lotto, there are only so many prizes to go around. You want to improve your odds? Join more parties. Check out Tweeparties.com. Follow @Resourcefulmom or the hashtag #GNO. Or just keep your ears and eyes open because there are always parties, contests and giveaways for you to join in on, all you have to do is tweet.

I’m pulling for you. Just let loose and have some fun. You’ve got nothing to loose, I promise.

If this post has wet your whistle and you want to learn more about using social media, check out my “Social Media” blogpost category for more useful information.

Welcome to the party!



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