Miss Lori has five tips for packing your blog well for Blogher

There are so many blogs posted about packing your suitcase, packing your purse, packing your carryon for Blogher, but one of the most important things for you to pack is your blog. You need to bring your blog with you to Blogher, and you need to make sure that it is packed up tight, ready for all that you may encounter at the conference.  Blogher is not about quantity, how many pairs of shoes, how many different outfits you have to change into, it’s about quality. The quality of your brand IRL and online. If your goal is to increase connections, meet new brands and PR reps, forge new relationships then you need to prepare your blog with as much care as your are preparing your wardrobe. Demonstrate the best you inside and out. Here are five things you should make sure your blog has if you intend to pack your “A Game” for NYC.

1. ABOUT ME  “It’s All About You”

Your ABOUT ME page needs to be about you personally and professionally. If you want to be taken seriously in this sphere-If you want your work to be valued, better yet paid for, then make sure that your ABOUT Me page highlights your personality, but also your professional mission and ethics. Let your audience know why doing business with you is unique and valuable. In addition to your bio consider including a video interview, either one you blog yourself, or if you have footage of an interview you might have done for press or another company use that. Video is the new normal.

2. PR DISCLOSURE “Show Me The Money”

I am a firm believer in stating your blog rate on your site. I think potential clients appreciate having an initial understanding of your fee structure. Now I always say, “you should never work for fee”, but you can always waive your fee for something commiserate. What is commiserate? Well that’s really up to you. You know best what you want, and better yet, what you need. You can put language into to your PR fee disclosure that reveals to potential clients your willingness to consider “value exchange” contracts. Bartering is valid, especially in this economy. Just makes sure you are getting as good as you are giving and that your client knows what the monetary fee would have been had you not agreed to different exchange terms. Also in your PR disclosure let your audience know what kinds of work you do with and for brands. Do you do reviews? Do you blog? Do you do interviews? Do you work as an ambassador? Be clear and concise. Don’t leave them guessing.

3. CONTACT “Where Art Thou”

It doesn’t matter how detailed your site is if you don’t let your audience know how to reach you. Give them options. All of your social media sites for sure, but spell it out. Don’t just have a button that takes people away from your page to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or anything else. You can have the links, but be sure to state your id names too so potential followers can be in the know without having to be on their way to another page. Social media sites are important, but so is good old fashioned contact; email address, telephone number and at least the city you are based in, if not your full address. We all know that blogging holds no community boundaries, but sometimes a brand is looking for a regional representative or hoping to host a live event, and want to make sure you are in their area of choice. Again don’t make them search your site. State your state.


Show and tell. Share with your audience some of the work that you have done. Post video examples on your disclosure page. Load your slideshares on your speaker page. Add pictures or screen shots to your booking page. But don’t stop there. Ask your former clients and customers for a testimonial quote. Would you apply for a job in the private sector without offering recommendations? Of course not. So why should the webisphere be any different? Add quotes on one page or distribute them throughout your site. Whatever suits your style, design and personality. Just toot your horn, only let the words of others do it for you.

5. HEADSHOT  “I’m Ready For My Close Up”

Let them see your face. I know you are memorable, but there are going to be a lot of names, faces, ids and more crossing the paths of the brands and reps in attendance at Blogher. Help them keep it straight by including a great headshot on your site. Light in your eyes, a smile on your face and limited background distractions. Take the stage. Be the star of your own site. Be the star of your brand!

But of course don’t just do the minimum take you site to the max. It’s your calling card. Make sure that it represents you the way you deserver. It’s never to let to make a great impression.



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