Miss Lori wants you to be memorable at conferences like Blogher

We are down to the wire. BLOGHER 2012. In fact some people are already in New York City. I myself won’t arrive until Wednesday night, (#MissLoriConcert duty calls early in the day in Chicago). The excitement is palpable as you watch the twitter stream fly by as well as all of the posts on Facebook. But amidst all of the excited posts are posts of anxiety, fear and even some self doubt. I can certainly appreciate how overwhelming the event can be for those who have never been there. Even for those who aren’t conference newbies. Being amongst over 4500 bloggers in the big apple, with even bigger brands, is a BIG DEAL. It is understandable how some might be worried that they won’t be able to stand out in such a crowded field. But I am here to offer you a few key suggestions to help you be memorable, literally and figuratively. Best of all they are easy. I promise. No fear!



Change your Avatar picture to a headshot that shows your eyes and your SMILE!. If you want to be recognized you have to give the community a fighting chance. You can go back to your logo, or your creative statement after the conference. But for now your chief task is to be recognized.



Wear the same thing everyday. No, I don’t mean you have to wear the same outfit every day, but you should consider wearing something identifiable, (a pin, a scarf, a necklace, a hair bow), everyday. This is especially true if you are fairly new to the sphere. Give people something to hold onto in.



I always recommend putting a picture on your business cards, but it’s a little late to head to the printers now. But you can go to your printer, your computer printer that is. Consider printing out your Twitter avatar. (You know the one that you have changed to a headshot that shows your eyes and your SMILE clearly.) Add that little avatar pic to your Blogher badge front.Even if you very smartly included your twitter id as a part of your Blogher badge info, adding the picture will really help some people make the connection between their computer stream and real life. We are a visual society, why fight it?



As I always say if you don’t understand your brand how can you expect anyone else to. So while packing, on the plane, in your cab to the hotel, take a few meditative moments to think about the essence of your brand. If you had to tweet a description what would it be. IE streamline your elevator pitch. Keep it short, but clear and informative. I also recommend that you practice saying it. That way the words will roll off of your tongue naturally. If you want to go for extra credit, practice a couple of different versions so you don’t feeling like a walking talking commercial. Be authentic; authentically well versed about you.


We all want to make a lasting impression, to be memorable, and these tips will help you on the outside. But the most important trick to being irresistible is to believe that you have the right to be in the room. Take the stage this week. You don’t have to take it by storm, but you do need to take it firmly in hand. I know you can do it. I believe in you, do you? Sure you do. You’ve got this




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