Miss Lori creates Rainbow Sausage recipe at Hillshire Farm Blogher booth

When I signed on to attend Blogher conference this year I didn’t realize that I was inadvertently signing up for a cooking experience, but that’s exactly what Hillshire Farm brought to the expo floor in New York City this year. Like moths to a flame attendees were drawn to the sights, sounds and smells coming from the Hillshire Farm booth, manned by the uber talented Chef Jill and her team of cooking magicians. Chef Jill caught me ogling the screen and challenged me to create one of my own #HFRecipes right there on the spot. Sweat beading on my forehead I didn’t back down. I swallowed hard and stepped up to the plate. (The hot plate that is.)

I started with the Hillshire Farm Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage. I have never actually tried this Hillshire Farm product before, but the ingredient combination sounded so inviting I couldn’t resist.


The very capable chef behind the counter got the sausage sizzling which got my taste buds dancing. Amazing how sound can trigger your salivary glands. But I goes it’s really no surprise because food is an experience for all of your senses. Which is what I decide right then hand there to tap into for my recipe. I added bell peppers, all three colors, red, yellow and green. Then I added fresh basil, garlic, and cardamon. (My nose started to twitch like Samantha on Bewitched!) With the  scents wafting I went for the green. Bright green fresh spinach that is. My favorite leafy green for sure. “Go Green!”


It was exciting to watch my own personal chef in motion. There clearly is a rhythm to cooking. I may have it on the dance floor but I have yet to find it in the kitchen. That is why I am so glad that I was just the choreographer of this dance meal.

Lastly I surprised everyone at the booth because instead of choosing rice to serve my creation on, I chose fresh diced tomatoes. As far as I was concerned they were the perfect addition in color, taste and texture to complete my rainbow.

Sure it looks beautiful…if I may say so myself, but it all comes down to the taste test.

This is the only picture of me eating my rainbow sausage because after the first bite I ate the rest so fast there wasn’t even time to pose for a print. I surprised myself. Because let’s be clear I am not a chef. I don’t even play one on TV. I am the “Reluctant Chef” who steps into the kitchen and the World of food out of duty to my kids. But this task at the Hillshire Farm booth at Blogher inspired me to take a chance.; to not think, just create. It was so much fun. Who knew!

Thank you Chef Jill and Hillshire Farm for helping this “Reluctant Chef” increase her confidence by increasing the flavor of her Rainbow Sausage meal!



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