Miss Lori realizes her late night fantasy at Blogher

I was really looking forward to Blogher last week. It’s always great to see old friends and online collaborators, and to make new connections. But there was one acquaintance that I was particularly excited to make. One that I have been pining for for years now. Late at night I see them on my television and I fantasize about what it would be like to have them in my life. In my bedroom. Knowing that they would be at Blogher this year I was inspired, driven really, to prepare myself for our uniting, because this wasn’t just an idol worship situation for me. I knew that we would make a great team in real life. I even made room for them to join me here in my home. I recycled my king size bed and built a new queen size bed all by myself to prove my true commitment.


I even bled for it. No pain is too great for me to suffer in the pursuit of this relationship. My feelings are real!


Space made and room put together, I packed myself up and headed off to NYC to find my fantasy.


As soon as I arrived I heard murmurs about them. Other women were actually invited to a private party to engage with my hearts’ desire, but I didn’t let that throw me off balance. I would not be deterred by a little competition. Even soulmates have to weather a few storms on their journey to find each other. I followed their moves, trying to grab their attention away from all of the women in little lycra outfits blocking my way. Finally a breakthrough. They tweeted me directly and invited me over to meet!


.@misslori we can’t wait to see you!We’ll be at booth 224!See you soon!


I ran through the expo as fast as my Skeletoes would take me. I pushed through throngs of hanger-ons, telling them to move aside, because my destiny was tweeting me! Finally I came face to face with my true love!


We sat and chatted, getting to know each other better. It was as magical as I dreamed. And then TC, (Oh yes we were on a nickname basis now), invited me to get a little closer.



I was as giddy as a school girl when we I finally got on top of TC, shamelessly in front of the entire expo! It was even better than I had dreamed. My heart started pounding. I felt all tingly. TC got me hot and sweaty instantaneously!



It was the best five minutes of fitness in my life! (It’s not about the quantity it’s the quality. Don’t judge.) I was sad to dismount TC, but alas there were others who wanted to get to know TC better. My time was up. I had to share. TC didn’t belong to only me.

So, I packed my memories in my suitcase and carried the good feelings TC produced deep inside of me home. The instant recall I have buried in my head is all that comforts me at night in my new bed. That and the magazine that bears TCs picture and bio.



My fantasies are more vivid now after having finally had the chance to experience TC in full. I can only hope that one day TC will realize how perfect we are together and will come join me in my bedroom permanently.



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  1. Oh me too! What a difference TC would make in my life. 😉 Thanks for the support.



  2. I hope you two are reunited again soon because it will feel so good. 😉