Miss Lori is drinking up the last bit of Summer and her Tropicana OJ

Monday my eldest child starts high school. It will be the first time that I have ever had a child go back to school before Labor Day. Heck, it’s the first time I will have a child go back to school in August. I’M NOT READY! I have no problem with my son going to high school, I’m totally ready for that. I’m just not ready for him, or any of my children, to go back to any school RIGHT NOW. Summer is not over! NO! I refuse to sing the finale of this production yet. I intend to drink every last drop of this season that there is to have, just like I do with a bottle of Tropicana OJ, or as I like to call it, “Summer in a bottle”!


The best way to start off a day that embraces Summer is with a healthy breakfast. So the first glass of this and most of the bottles of Tropicana OJ that come into my house accompany a hearty breakfast like scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach. Great balance of vitamin C, Calcium and Protein. We need it! Especially with the ever rising temperatures we have had all Summer in Chicago.



We didn’t shy away from activity just because it was hot though. We did camps in costume.


We hit the mall for some double ear piercing.


We even went a little ape.


As the temperature rose so did our engagement.


We got into the swing of things at the playground.


We shared secrets with friends in the field.


 We did photo shoots in the park.

 And sometimes we just sat down and became one with nature.



But the heat just kept soaring. Not to worry we found ways to entertain and be entertained.



We hosted shows.


We attended shows.


We rocked out at concerts.


And we got silly at the movies.


But there were days when the heat was more than we could bear so we had to take it all inside.



Challenging friends to 3DS Mario Kart 7 races.



Watching mermaid videos and learning mermaid spells.



Getting some exercise along the way.



And even redecorating a bit to bring a new perspective to our World.


But when the temperature really maxed out the only thing we could do was take to the water.



Fountains at Navy Pier.



Inflatable slides in our front yard.



Or a leaps into the sunset at the beach.



Summer has been very nourishing, especially since we have been hydrating it with Tropicana OJ along the way.



It’s not done yet. There’s still some sunshine left in this bottle. We are going to enjoy every last ounce of our liquid Summer



Best of all we are doing it together!





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  1. Thanks for the compliments Lisa. I hope you had a picture perfect Summer as well. Go Tropimommas!



  2. What a lovely family! Loved how you mixed a little of your whole summer into just one post. Awesome!!

  3. Thank you for reading and appreciating. I love it when I can mix a little theatre in with my posting. I hope you had a great SUmmer too.



  4. What a beautiful family! I especially loved the way you organized this post to show your activities with the rising temperatures. Brilliant.

    Like you, my son starts school before Labor Day and I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet, but the days are dwindling. What I’m looking forward to most are cooler temperatures. I think we will end up being much more busy this fall than we were this summer.

    Tropicana OJ is great, and so is the Tropicana Pure Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. I’ve also used the summer to crush ice and make juice slushies.