Miss Lori and Medieval Times want you to win a royal adventure

Childhood is so fleeting isn’t it? Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. My children are 14, 11 and 9. They are growing up so fast, inside and out. As they get older, with their varied interests, it can be easier to grab special time with them individually. But as a mother I still value family time with the lot of them, but preferably minus the sibling fireworks that are known to go off when the three of them are in a room together, or a car together, or on the street together, or…well you get the idea. It’s hard to find a place to enjoy just such hallowed time, but recently I found one in Schaumburg, at a castle no less. Oh you read right, I said a castle. I took my family for some royal entertainment at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.


It was a remarkably memorable event. Not just because of the Princess training…



Or the jousting…



Or the specialty drinks…



Or the rib sticking food…


Well, what was left of it after my son got ahold of it.



He even tried to eat his sister’s colorful vegetarian meal that was a delightful alternative for those who don’t eat meat or just want lighter fare.


But I digress. The food was deliciously distracting. Even the memory of it. Wait, that’s what I was talking about, memories! Yes! Despite all that I listed above the greatest memory that I will carry with me from Medieval Times is the one of my kids laughing, hooting, hollering and best of all getting along. It made me feel like a queen. And for that I am deeply grateful.



I am so grateful that I want to share the opportunity with one of you. I have a family pack of four tickets to offer to one lucky MissLori.TV community member to create their own glorious family memory. The ticket four pack, which has a retail value of $240 by the way, must be used within 60 days of winning, and advanced registration is necessary for the show. The tickets are only good for the Schaumburg castle, therefore you should only enter if you or another family you cherish can be in the Chicago area for a show before November 7th.

How do you win? That’s easy, all you have to do is talk. Well, comment to be more exact. Let’s have a discussion about making quality memories with our children. You only need comment once to enter, but if you would like to improve your odds comment some more. The only rule is that your additional comments have to further the conversation in progress. They have to be in response to something someone else said, not just another stand alone comment. You can participate here and on the update about this contest on my Miss Lori facebook page. I will draw a winner on Friday 9/7/12 at noon so you must post a comment by 11:59am Friday September 7th, 2012 to be eligible.

So get thee to the commenting, there are tickets to be won. Your children won’t stay children forever. Make the most of the time you’ve got. Go Medieval on them!




This is a * Level 10 Post: Products, services or tickets were provided to Miss Lori to give away in a contest and to keep for her own use, attendance, or for review.

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  1. Sheryl Grimes says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GRATEFUL I TRULY AM!!!!! 😀 😀 This is so amazing, i just cant wait to finally be able to go….there are no words right now as to how I’m feeling. I’m feeling blessed, I’m feeling so appreciative, I’m feeling so loved. THANK YOU MISS LORI, i will post all my pics for you :) <3 I'm shocked and screaming with joy!!

  2. Congratulations, Sheryl! Have fun!!!

  3. I am thrilled to announce the winner of this giveaway…SHERYL GRIMES! Congratulations. Thank you everyone for such an inspired conversation. It takes a village to raise a family and I am so happy to include you all in mine.



  4. I love making memories with my Daughter! They are priceless. I often give gifts of “experiences” such as tickets to events, plays and such to my nieces as they will not remember the Barbie I bought them years from now but they will remember our “experiences”

  5. michelle thomas says:

    Misslori’s pictures are fabulous. I totally agree. It just shows that its fun for all age groups. No one will be left out of the fun. And misslori can that boy eat or what? I hate to see your grocery bill. I know I will be there soon too.

  6. michelle thomas says:

    It is really exciting. We took the kids to Dixie stampede about five years ago and it is nothing compared to medieval times. We had a good time but the kids didn’t ever ask to go back. My sister has never been able to take her kids to either show so I am hoping I can surprise her with tickets.

  7. Sheryl Grimes says:

    Gosh, all of you is making this place sound soooo exciting, and I’m really hoping to be able to share this with my boys and husband. Like I said, we’ve never even gone before and my boys love this type of interaction and topic. Long Live Medieval Times!!

  8. michelle thomas says:

    Hey dee,
    You really need to take some time out and make plans to go. Your family will really enjoy it.

  9. michelle thomas says:

    I was also glad about how diverse the show was too. I was worried my son wouldn’t want to sit next to a stranger but he actually made a friend. Victor from Korea showed him how to hold his sword and what all the parts were called. He also knew a lot about knight’s and that period of time and graciously shared that with my ten year old. I was worried he was bothering him but he was glad to have him so inquizative. He really learned a lot from Victor.

  10. Sheryl Grimes says:

    It must be cuz I only heard our family have the name but I say we have to be related somehow like from way way back in the day(lol…no pun intended!) Only 1hr and 15 mins Miss Lori!! Thank You again for the offer…now I have my toes crossed too 😉 lol

  11. michelle thomas says:

    She is from Nebraska. t it must be more popular than we know.I grew up in st. Louis and have never heard of using last names for middle names before I moved to Illinois. I guess I was a littled sheltered but I love the concept. You can carry your family legacy with you through generations.

  12. Sheryl Grimes says:

    WOW!!! Where is she from?? My dad’s side is southern ? and owned a small town in Tennessee way back in the day. My Day’s are from Humboldt, TN :) And sorry about the double post about having so much in common, i didnt see it originally and thought i had an error so I reposted it. This is a super duper small world!!!

  13. michelle thomas says:

    How funny. My best girlfriends middle name is day too for the same reason. Small world isn’t it.

  14. Sheryl Grimes says:

    Michelle, actually we seem to have a lot in common!! :) My youngest son also has an unusual middle name…he’s Matthew Day. People wonder all the time why I did this or what it means or dont understand it. It was actually my father’s sides last name that through the years has become our middle name. My dad was Barri Day and wanted to honor and continue his family’s legacy :) So no…I dont think it weird, I think its wonderful :)

  15. michelle thomas says:

    Amanda, new years eve at medieval times sounds like a blast. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than with some wholesome family fun. I will need to check into that. Thanks

  16. Sheryl Grimes says:

    Michelle!! We seem to have much in common cuz my youngest has an unusual middle name and people ask all the time. My youngest is Matthew Day :) Day was originally my father’s sides last name and through the years it was intergrated to the middle name. My dad was Barri Day and I wanted to continue his family’s name :) So no I dont see it to be unusual, I see it to be wonderful ?