Miss Lori got connected with the Verizon MiFi this Summer

I had a brief but spectacular relationship at the end of this Summer. No I’m not dating, I’m tweeting, I’m updating, I’m pinning, and I’m Instagramming from all corners of my city and more. Or at least I was until I had to say goodbye to my loaner Verizon MiFi. It was so hard to say goodbye to my Summer MiFi crush, because I really did love having the power of connectivity in my pocket accompanying me wherever I went. And I went to a lot of places.

I traveled by plane. Or at least I tried to. Lucky for me I had the Verizon MiFi with me for all of the delay’s I suffered to and from Blogher 2012.


My kids really loved being connected with the Verizon MiFi in the car, especially during long car rides to visit grandparents in Milwaukee. l this mobile hotspot I was able to connect 5 devices in 3G and 10 devices in 4G! No more fights whose turn it was with the single wifi adapter! The only thing my kids had to share was the data plan.

I usually have trouble getting on line at my parents’ home in Shorewood, Wisconsin. But after I propped up the Verizon MiFi in the kitchen windowsill we all got online with ease the whole weekend trip.


Back at home and back to my routine I was able to accompany my daughter shopping at Goodwill and still get my blogpost written and published thanks to the Verizon MiFi. (Every store should have a table and chairs for parents to sit while their kids shop!)


Even waiting in line at Dominicks I got great reception with the Verizon MiFi. Made it easier to register for last minute coupon deals through my rewards card.




From waiting in line at the grocery store to waiting at the doctors office we were never without reception with the Verizon MiFi.



The connectivity of the Verizon MiFi really came in handy while registering my daughter for school. (Long lines at the registrar scream for twitter.)



The Verizon MiFi allowed me to capture touristy moments at Chicago’s famous Cloud Gate, also known as The BEAN.



I made sure to stay dry and connected while catching the water show at the Millennium Park Crown Fountain.

So many places and not nearly enough time to get to them all, because I didn’t just visit attractions, I was the attraction at my numerous #MissLoriConcerts.



It was a busy Summer, but thanks to the Verizon MiFi I was able to maximize my time, build my brand, entertain my kids, and stay on top of business all while on the go. Leaving me more time to unplug when I got home. Now that’s LOVE!

Are you experiencing connectivity love on the go? You don’t know what you are missing. (Or maybe, after reading this post, you actually do.)



This is a * Level 1 post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge as a loan for review.

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