Mommy Miss Lori is going back to school a few computers short


How many computers does a family with three school age children and a Marketainer Mom need? Last year I had a 17 inch used imac, a 20 inch new Dell Inspirion One PC and my 13 inch very used Macbook. In order to complete homework my three kids had to take turns and darn near stand in line to use their preferred choice of computer, the touch screen Dell. Then over the holidays my very used Macbook died.

I went to the Apple store and replaced the hard drive. But it was obvious to me that I needed an upgrade, so I ended up buying another, slightly less used macbook off of craigslist. I needed a newer model to complete my slide presentations for my speaking gigs. Plus, my kids gave me an ipad as a present. BONUS! So, we were all breathing a little easier at my house. A shorter wait for individual computer time meant a few less fights in my house, and that made Mommy happy.

It was a short lived high, for just before the end of the school year the beautiful Dell Inspirion One got ugly. It went mysteriously dark right in the middle of a my daughter’s school project. TRAUMA!!!! I took quite a few deep breaths to get her to calm down, but once she did she started over on the imac, and all was okay. For about a minute. Well, a week to be exact. Because that is how long it took for the imac to go dark too. AHHHH!!!! Now Mommy was the one who was hyperventilating! We limped through the end of the school year and relished in the freedom from homework that Summer brings.

I don’t know where the time went, but all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of Labor Day weekend realizing that I had yet to do anything about my computer problem. (My dead computer problem to be more specific.) So, I woke up Labor Monday made an appointment at the genius bar and hauled the imac off to be diagnosed. Guess what they told me? ——————— That’s my creative way of saying the computer was pronounced dead on arrival. FLAT LINE. When the Genius assigned to me opened up the back of my imac even I could see why the computer was dead. A battle was fought with my logic board and the board lost. Or exploded to be more descriptive. REALLY?!?!? I sucked up my disbelief and went home to deliver the news to my kids. Only thing is they had some news for me. They sat me down and told me that the old Macbook (older if you want to be technical), the one that had it’s hard drive replaced at the beginning of the year, was no longer working properly. It was freezing up every minute or so. As a result no one could get anything done on it. SERIOUSLY?!?!? I turned to the Dell sitting in mocking darkness and I said a silent prayer, begging it to be salvageable. But there was no more time for brooding because once again I had run out of time.

My focus had to be turned to getting kids off to their first day of school. So that’s what I did. Tuesday was all about school. Then come Tuesday night there were homework demands and only my laptop avaiable for completion and the ipad as distraction. LET THE FIGHTS BEGIN! It was clear my attention needed to be refocused back onto the computer situation. The Dell was my last hope. I polled my Chicago Facebook community about where to take my sick DELL for diagnosis. I ended up at Chicago Computer Club right here in the South Loop. YEAH CONVENIENCE! I prayed that that was a good sign. I dropped off the Inspirion Wednesday midday and left the store with a knot of desperation in my stomach. Like a lovesick teenager I waited by the phone for THE CALL. Nothing. Sleep came filled with agonized dreams of me racing up and down the aisles at Best Buy desperately searching for a computer but finding every one snatched up by other parents cackling as they run away. (Can you say anxiety?) My torture came to an around 1030 this morning. I got the call. The verdict?  beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Yup, my 18 month old Dell Inspirion One Touch Screen computer, the one that I won after participating in a webinar for Dell in December of 2010, was dead. Just like the imac the logic board had gone BOOM.

How on earth does an 18 month old DELL Inspirion One logic board go BOOM? That’s a great question, one I wish I had an answer to. But since I won the computer and didn’t buy it I don’t have a warranty to fall back on or a store to question. So here I sit with my last working computer and only an ipad for back up, wondering what my next move will be. I can’t possibly afford to replace all of our dead computers. And yet, with three kids who have homework that more often than not must be completed on a computer, I can’t really afford not to.

I love the fact that our World is advancing technologically. I think the internet has been a great asset to my children’s education. But the cost is so high for us parents. It’s very hard to keep up, especially in this economy. I try to use Craigslist, but you just never really know what you are getting. Then again, considering my story, getting a new unit is no guarantee either.

What will I do? Exactly? I don’t know. Generally? I know that no matter what I won’t give up. Cuz I’m the Mommy, and that’s what we do. Stay tuned! (Oh, and don’t be shy. I am always open to suggestions.)



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  1. Oh @SisterSaveAlot I wish there was some hope, but both desktops have blown logic boards. The advice was that it would not be a good use of my money to replace them. I still haven’t come up with a solution. When this teacher strike ends I will have to have one though. Can’t survive without another computer in this house. Ugh.

    Thanks for weighing in.



  2. Oh no! I would loose my mind if most of my computers went out. Check out FREE geek Chicago and see if they can help you.