Miss Lori takes a trip down memory lane in a leotard

I dug out my old dance clothes this week for my daughter. My mind flooded with memories of shows from days gone by. But one leotard brought back some very unique memories of New York, a dark Summer night, a balcony and a fire hose. Can you see why in this video?


Yes, that very wet dancer on the firescape in the middle of the night in New York was lil’ ole me. And I do mean little. How little was I? I was so little that the leotard I wore in that music video, the one pictured above, fits my very lithe 11 year old daughter perfectly today. Yowza! Hard to believe, especially considering at that time didn’t think I was beautiful or desirable. (Little side note factoid, that music video was directed by none other than famed Training Day director Antoine Fuqua.)

I may not have appreciated how attractive my dancer body was back then, but the music video producer did. After shooting all night on that fire escape, with a literal fire hose blasting water on me for hours, my then so called manager stuffed me, cold and wet, in the back of a town car in between him and a Capital Records executive. Though a budding singer myself, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the only part of me that was being pitched was between my legs. I kept them crossed all the way home and then straight on to the airport. I packed my things and left New York for Los Angeles within 48 hours of that car ride. Funny thing is I left New York because I wasn’t willing to sleep with anyone for a career only to land in a city where actresses are considered bimbos until proven otherwise. So I guess it’s no surprise that I left Los Angeles fairly quickly too. Oh, I did some work there that I was very proud of but deep down I knew that what I was truly destined to accomplish wasn’t going to be unearthed in Los Angeles either. So, I came home to the midwest. And the rest is, as they say, history. (Or ‘Herstory’ as the case may be.)

All this from a leotard. Go figure. I wonder what story’s are hanging in your closet or packed away in your drawers. I would love to hear some. It’s good to visit memory lane every now and then. You never know, there may still be lessons to be learned along the way.



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  1. Thanks for joining me on the trip Nicole.



  2. This is so awesome! (Well, not the behind-the-scenes story, but that you have this video to look back on.) :)

  3. How fun that you have a music video that you can share now 😀 But it’s sad to hear the ugly “back story” that I’m sure is the case for most of them. It’s also so fascinating to me that almost all gorgeous girls have no idea or realization that they are at the time-it’s not till later when we look back and go “wow, why didn’t I realize it?!” :)

    Thanks for taking us on your trip down memory lane!

  4. AHhhhh in about a decade that comment won’t be quite so disconcerting Cherise. But seriously thank you for saying that you could see a resemblance. I do love hearing that. However, I still have trouble recognizing that myself. Being adopted and growing up never recognizing my face in anyone else’s, doing so is a skill I simply don’t posses.



  5. The end really shows your face, I could totally see you and your daughter!