Miss Lori says Disney’s Wreck It Ralph movie won’t wreck your day


I had a date tonight, with my 9 year old daughter. She and I headed to our neighborhood movie theatre, the beautiful Showplace Icon Theatre complex, to see the brand new Disney film, Wreck It Ralph. Now I have never been a video game aficionado, nor am I a huge animation fan, but I love anything that makes my daughter smile, so I was all in. Although, I did have a pen and one of my notebooks in my purse ready to jot down notes for few of my up-coming blogposts. However, much to my surprise, I never even brought those items out. From the very beginning this movie drew me in with the compelling story of an individual in search of a purpose, and of community recognition and validation. We can all understand that, right? It’s the human condition, the search for one’s purpose. To layer an intrinsically human condition onto animated characters makes them 3D even without the graphics, but we had that too because my daughter and I attended one of the 3D showings. Thankfully the multi-layered film wasn’t too jarring, so I didn’t get a 3D hangover. It went by so quickly we didn’t even want to leave, we stayed through the complete credits. Once we got outside my daughter’s joy exploded and she ran about the complex giggling and smiling. I couldn’t get her to stand still long enough to do a “Little Miss Lori” shareview so I had to stand in and do it.

I absolutely loved the story and the message, but my favorite part of the movie was the character that Jane Lynch gave voice to, Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun. Although at times it did concern me that the drawing and the dialog of the character straddled the line of PG and PG13, I did agree with Fix it Felix  Jr., she is one Dynamite Gal! If the movie had opened a month earlier I guarantee there would have been a lot of Sergeant Calhoun costumes walking the streets this Halloween. Who knows, maybe “SC” will have a long shelf life and live to see next Halloween. It all depends on how audiences respond to Wreck It Ralph. What do you think?



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