Miss Lori wants you to improve your health by boosting your spirit

I have written many posts about health and achieving the best of it through diet and exercise. But when striving to establish and maintain good health we can’t underestimate the effect what we do has on how we feel. If we are lucky we are able to work somewhere doing something that makes us feel special. I am one of those lucky people, not just because I have worked on television and recorded a CD, not just because many people know my name. No, what makes me feel special in my professional life is something very simple.

Doing for others, making someone else feel comfortable, safe, supported or cared for is a super power that not only makes that person feel better it can boost your spirits too. And a happy spirit positively aids a body in its’ pursuit of good health. That’s why I founded my company The CAMPUS Inc. dba Miss Lori’s CAMPUS back in 2005, because I knew that working with children, helping them to find their creative selves, made me feel special. Doing so made me happy and still does to this day eventhough my company has changed quite a bit from its’ original design. I still teach at least one class however, to remind me of why I started all of this, and to keep me grounded in what is at the heart of all that I do; my desire to enrich children’s lives through small moments not just big ones.

What makes you feel special? Are you able to do it on a regular basis? Do your health a favor and indulge yourself in work that allows you to feel special, needed, or appreciated. Your heart will thank you.



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