Miss Lori says the new James Bond movie Skyfall rises to the occassion

Last night I had the great fortune to see a preview of the brand new James Bond movie Skyfall courtesy of Klout and Cadillac. The theatre was packed. I actually had to sit in the last front row seat in the AMC River East theatre. The screen loomed so large I  slouched down and leaned back in my seat so as not to be overtaken by the enormity of the picture. Daniel Craig towered above me not just because of the wide screen but because of his very uncharacteristically “human” performance as James Bond. I was surprised by his performance and the tone of the film, but not at all disappointed.

I remain a James Bond fan, of the films and especially the music. I am looking forward to the next chapter already and it hasn’t even opened yet. Isn’t that a sign of a successful production? I think so, but what do you think? Go see the movie and let me know. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



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