Miss Lori chooses a target vehicle on her path to purchase journey

Last week I updated my path to purchase journey to buy a car to help me with my gas diet. I was upset because the Kia and Hyundai MPG scandal derailed my progress. I went back to my list to try and find a replacement front runner. First stop a Dodge dealership.

As you know I was introduced to the new Dodge Dart at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. I loved what i learned, but unfortunately there wasn’t a demo car for me to even sit in. I finally got to remdy that when I stopped by Midway Dodge on the way home form my concert. The drivers seat was plush and comfortable. The interior was classy and fun. But when I got into the backseat my bubble was burst. It was actually squeezed to death just like I was n the backseat of the Dart. Ahhhrrrgggg! Although the Dart was uncomfortable it was not nearly as bad as when I tried to fold my long legs into the backseat of the Nissan Versa hatchback. Double Ahhhhrrrgggg!

If you have been keeping score you know that that was the end of my list, so something had to give. Either I had to increase my sticker price threshold, or I had to decrease my fuel efficiency expectations. (This is exactly what I was afraid of and what I have been griping about on behalf of families like mine. Fuel efficient, budget friendly cars are just not being made with us in mind. But let me get down off of my soap box and back to my path to purchase journey.) Since I didn’t win the lotto last week MPG won, or lost to be more accurate. I had to swallow my disappointment and frustration with the MPG scandal at Kia and Hyundai and take my path to purchase quest to the next level with the only two cars that could presumably fit my long legged family and my wallet the Kia Soul and the Hyundai Elantra.

During phase one of my journey I originally visited Grossinger Kia and Hyundai to sit in the Kia Soul and the Hyundai Elantra. I had also made an internet inquiry about one of their cars. After doing those things I received countless phone calls and emails from the dealership. Not from just one person but from many. To be fair 90% of the intense follow up came from the Kia dealership. Hyundai wasn’t quite so insistent. I appreciate it when a salesperson takes an interest in my needs, but the messages I received were scripted, and everyone was using the same one. It was a huge turn off. So when I decided to take a deeper look at the cars I sought out a different dealership.

I didn’t have to look farther than my good friend and fellow social media influencer Beth Rosen. If you are a Chicagoan you may recognize her last name in triplicate; Rosen Rosen Rosen. The Rosen family has a slew of car dealerships here in Illinois and in my home state of Wisconsin. After logging onto the Rosen website I posted an inquiry about one of the vehicles they were advertising. Almost immediately I got a phone call from a Rosen representative named Neal. He didn’t come on with a hard sell or reading a script either. We ended up having a very in depth, highly informative conversation about the Kia Soul and the Hyundai Elantra from MPG to sticker price, and warranty to typical buyer profile. After talking with Neal I came to a few realizations.

One; The Hyundai Elantra was clearly the runner up to the Soul based on my priority list of needs.

Two; with the low sticker price of the Kia Soul the reduction in overall MPG would still net me a gain to help me trim my budget.

Three; there wasn’t going to be huge gain buying a new Kia Soul versus a used one that was under 3 years old.

Neal made me feel confident and secure in my decision to move on to the level of test drive. And that’s just what I did.

Stay tuned next week for the continuation of my path to purchase journey when I get behind the wheel of a car, and a deal.

SMILE  (and DRIVE) On!


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