Miss Lori is fighting stress with her own fingernails

As you may know by now, I was a victim of sexual abuse as a young girl. Like many victims I started biting my nails to deal with my stress. But you don’t have to be a survivor of abuse to bite your nails. It’s a bad habit that many possess. It only gets worse in the company of stress. And these days who is without that? When I started working on TV with PBS Kids back in 2006 I got regular manicures that included acrylic nails. They looked fantastic, but they were an expensive hassle. They were thick so it was hard to pick up small items. They would shatter, not just break, if I got too heavy handed with things, and they had to be kept up with bi-monthly appointments at the least. That took a lot of time and money.

When I stopped working regularly for PBS in 2009 I let everything fake go from my life, in more ways than one. My hair went back to being curly and my nails went back to being jagged. It was freeing. But here I am 42 years old and still biting my nails, it’s frustrating and at times embarrassing. My nails just can’t escape the stress in my life. Well, what I really should say is that my nails couldn’t escape the stress in my life, but they are now. A few weeks ago I decided that I had had enough with my jagged nails. I wasn’t able to diminish my stress, but I wasn’t going to let it rule me anymore either. It was way past time for me to take charge. So I zoomed right over to Walgreens and marched right into the nail aisle. I had no idea what to buy. No leads. No blogs with testimonials. No coupons for goodness sake. I had to go with my gut response to packaging, (like the good ole days).

I grabbed several products meant for hardening nails, softening cuticles and growth. Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream and Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil, and Nail Aid Ultra Fast Growth. I took my lot home and started painting, massaging and treating. Night after night. I wasn’t really paying attention, just following a routine.  Then all of a sudden three weeks later I went to scratch and itch in my arm, and I actually scratched it. Like with a finger nail. My own finger nail!


I was so shocked. These aren’t just window dressing either, they are really strong! I wish I could tell you which product is most responsible for my new nails, but I didn’t set out to do this as a traditional MLTV profile, I was just doing it for me, so I didn’t track and document my journey. But given the results I couldn’t be selfish and keep my good fortune to myself. I know I’m not the only one in the World who is taking their stress out on their nails. I don’t want you to add to your stress by feeling ashamed. It is what it is, but you are not alone, and you are not powerless. Maybe these products will work for you too. But even if they don’t that’s no reason to give up. Keep looking until you find the combination that does work.

That’s a good policy for all of our stressors. Don’t give up. Keep searching until you find your answers, because they are out there. They are. You just have to believe in your own power within. Because it’s not just about the external, it’s also about the internal too. I know in my heart that my nails aren’t just the result of great products, they are also the result a mindset. A new mindset to be exact. One that gave me the will power to resist biting and focus on a more positive outcome. The achievement feels really good. Sure they are just finger nails, but they are mine. I grew them, despite my past, despite my stressful present, despite decades of habit. I changed my circumstance. It can be done.

Do you have a bad habit that you are looking to take control of? I would love to hear how you are empowering yourself. Maybe I can learn something from your journey.



This is a *Level 13 post. The product or service mentioned was bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

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  1. As a fellow nail-biter, I have to applaud you! It’s so hard to quit. Congratulations on your success!!!