Miss Lori brings family time out of the Ice Age thanks to Stouffer’s

What is the one thing that practically everyone wishes for these days? More Time. I hear it everywhere I go, and no more so than from parents. Watching our children grow up as fast as they do, time feels like sand slipping through the spaces between our fingers. And no matter how hard you squeeze it still seeps out. I get it. My children are 9, 11 and 14. I practically have to make an appointment with them to see them individually. And family time? Well, that is nearly as extinct as the dinosaurs. Which makes it fitting that it took a dinosaur to give us back a few moments of togetherness. I’m talking about the dinosaurs, mammoths, sabor tooth tigers and sloths in Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosuars.

My youngest and I have loved this movie series, and been faithful to the franchise for years. But my older two are a little harder sell. Not to worry, I have just the thing in the oven to keep them glued to their seats, Stouffer’s Cheese Lasagna

and New York Texas Toast.

Yes, teenage attention can be bought with food, especially tasty food like this dish and side. Add to that a couple of bottles of bubbly, (the sparkling kind people!), some salad and for dessert none other than Wonka candy Sprees!

Right now at Walmart if you buy a specially marked package of Stouffer’s family dinner combined with New York Texas Toast you can get a free bag of Wonka candy up to $2.78! (I love it when brands are parenting partners!)

Childhood will be extinct before you know it, that’s why it’s important to carve out moments of family togetherness, even if it’s just a good meal and an equally good movie. Those memories will leave an indelible print on you and your children just like a Dinosaur track from the Ice Age. So consider picking up Ice Age 3 today at your local Walmart. That way you will be all caught up on the series in time for the December 11th release of Ice Age 4!

As another holiday season fast approaches remember it’s never to late for a family memory. Especially one you can cuddle up and re-live over and over again.


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  1. We totally enjoyed our evening of movie and a dinner! I’m all for making memories!

  2. You are so right about making family memories. It is so important, and never too late, even with teenagers. So glad you and your family had a great time!!

  3. I’m like you, I love the brand partnering.

    Also, I think a nice, laid back, home movie night is a great way to take a break from the stress of the season. Schools are putting a little pressure on kids to get things finished up for Christmas Break and it seems like almost everyone is feeling a little stress/pressure this time of year.

    Dinner & movie, garlic bread…sounds pretty good to me.