Miss Lori Vacations at Blue Harbor Resort part 1

"Blue Harbor Resort" #MLTVvacay Wisconsin Sheboygan

I’m going to take my first real vacation in years. Sure I have been out of town more recently, but always, in some part at least, for work. I am thankful for being able to include my kids on my trips, but that is no replacement for real time off. No one can go on indefinitely.

Let’s be real here, traveling with three kids is not an inexpensive feat. I’m anything but flush, so flying is totally out of the question. And driving with three giant, space-sucking children in a Kia Soul means I am limited to 4 hours away from home at best. So I turned to the best vacation planner I know, GOOGLE, and let my fingers do the surfing. It wasn’t easy. In fact it was downright frustrating. I needed close, but not too close. Inexpensive but not cheap, and at least three beds to accommodate one Mommy, two girls and an enormous boy. I looked in Michigan and thought I had struck gold. Saint Joseph had a beautiful beach, parks, even a fountain. I was just about to click reserve when I thought to check out some hotel reviews. Yikes! No one had anything nice to say about the property that was available so that idea was dead in the water.

I jumped to the other side of the Lake and looked into Wisconsin. The obvious choice, Wisconsin Dells, was too hot for my wallet. Manitowoc was too cold for our tastes. But Sheboygan, Sheboygan looked just right. I found an actual resort, Blue Harbor. Being from Wisconsin how did I not know about this place?Well, no matter, I found it now. Well, almost. I called for a reservation only to be shut down. But I wasn’t deterred. Disappointed, but not deterred.

I lost a few days working on some other projects and the next thing I knew I was just a couple of days from departure. I found another residential hotel property, The Grandstay, and I thought my prayers had been answered. I posted on Facebook that I had my place. I talked it up to my kids. I tweeted with the property Twitter account. The one thing I didn’t do was book the room. Opps. Yeah, “oops” because when I went to do so the next day the unit was gone. I nearly broke down in tears. How could I be so irresponsible! I posted my shame on Facebook and many in my community came to my emotional rescue, brainstorming with me, telling me not to give up hope. They inspired me so much that I picked up the phone and tried a Hail Mary. I called Blue Harbor Resort back and tried for a room one last time.”Why yes, we do have a room available.” Eureka! Apparently they release handicapped accessible rooms 24 hours before a potential booking if they have not been claimed by a handicap family. I called at just the right moment. Touch Down!

I booked the Queen suite straight away. (I learned my lesson.) The rate would be $139 each for Thursday and Sunday night, and $169 each for Friday and Saturday. The room would have a queen bed, a full size sofa sleeper and they would add a rollaway to finish the equation. The room would include a microwave and a mini-fridge plus a practical sliding door that leads to an outside seating area. In addition the room rate includes complete access to the outdoor pool, the water park, the resort grounds and the beach! My kids were over the moon. I could hardly wait.

Count down to vacation, T-Minus 27 hours!

Vacation Wisconsin

Coming next week: My Blue Harbor Resort #MLTVvacay shareview.



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