The Scandal Season Premiere Top 15 Quotes

Scandal Season Premiere Quotes #MLTV

Last night there was a collective sigh heard round the world at 10pmEST/9pmCST because the highly anticipated season premier of Scandal was beginning. That sigh was quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath that was held darn near through the opening credits. That’s the effect Shonda Rhymes critically acclaimed show has had on the public. Scandal parties were held round the country including a very special one at the premiere diversity conference Blogalicious, which has convened for its’ fifth year in Atlanta this weekend. The party was hosted by Comcasts’ Xfinity CBTV ( and its’ new resident Scandal commentator the brilliant Luvvie Ajayi.

Miss Lori's Top 12 Scandal Season Premiere Quotes

There are a lot of reasons people have flocked to this show, the fashion, the sex, the diversity of casting, the gladiators. But at heart what it is that really hooks us is the writing. That is the foundation on which everything else is stacked. Contrary to many television producers’ beliefs, we don’t want mindless entertainment, we want content we can chew on, integrate into our own lives, and regurgitate onto our social channels. The Scandal season premiere delivered all that and more in stellar fashion. Here are my top 15 quotes form the season premier. (What were yours?)

1. “You raised your skirt, and opened your knees and gave it away to a man with too much power.”~ Rowan Pope to his daughter Olivia

2. “You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.” ~ Rowan Pope to his daughter Olivia

3. “He is never in charge. Power is in charge. Power is what got him elected.” ~ Rowan Pope to his daughter Olivia

4. “You know to aim higher. At the very least you could have aimed for chief of staff, secretary of state. First lady. Do you have to be so mediocre?” ~ Rowan Pope to his daughter Olivia

5. “And to be clear, I am the Hell and the High Water.” ~ Rowan Pope to his daughter Olivia

6. “I’m not a monster, I am your monster.” ~ Cyrus Beene to Olivia Pope

7. “I am many things, stupid is not one of them.” ~ Olivia Pope to her father Rowan

8. “The people elected you to be the presidents’ sidekick, not the Lord.” ~ Cyrus Beene to Vice President Sally Langston

9. “I’m never out of options.” ~ Olivia Pope to her father Rowan

10. “I wouldn’t need to smile at Oprah if you didn’t screw your whore every chance you got.” ~ First Lady Mellie Grant To President Grant

11. “We have a job to do hear and in order for me to do my part effectively I’m going to need you to refrain from referring to me as a whore, at least in front of my face.” ~ Olivia Pope to First Lady Mellie Grant

12. “It works. The truth works.” ~Olivia Pope to President Fitz Grant

13. “Are we #Gladiators or are we b!$&%es?” ~Harrison Wright to The Gladiators

14. “There’s nothing wrong with a little self preservation. You still get to wear the white hat.” ~ Harrison Wright to Olivia Pope

15. “When the public is in danger there is no place for spite.” ~ Rowan Pope to Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene


I got messages last night from people who are dying to get in on the fun that is party viewing of Scandal but they aren’t caught up n Season 1 or 2. If you are someone who falls into that category I will will tell you what I told them. Please don’t deny yourself the pleasure of every single drop of Scandal past and present. You can purchase episodes and whole seasons for online viewing through Amazon. But get to it fast. You only have 6 more days before episode 2 of season 3 and another breath stealing roller coaster ride of action balanced on a strong foundation of brilliant writing.

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