14 Scandal Quotes from Season 3 Episode 5


It was a scandalous Halloween last night! Parents across America were hurrying their little trick-or-treaters along in order to get home in time to watch Scandal. Gladiators have responsibilities you know. It’s not easy to balance all that we do, but we manage. Sometimes late, but we manage. Better late than never right? I got to my television set ten minutes after the start time of Scandal last night, but I caught up quickly. As usual Shonda Rhymes didn’t disappoint, setting the stage with lite Sunday dinner banter. And by lite I mean no blood was spilled, but weapons sure were on the table. Don’t just take my word for it, read them for yourself.


1. “It’s just astonishing. We’re almost finished with desert and you haven’t once accused me of any crimes against humanity. I think we’re making progress.” ~Rowan


2. “I’ve learned that accusing you of things means nothing. It leads to power games, and moves, and you making my friends kill people. So instead of speaking my mind, instead of being the brave outspoken girl my mother taught me to be, I’m chewing my food, fulfilling my contract. And when we’re done I’ll go home and immediately try to forget this thing happened, until next Sunday when we do it all again.” ~Olivia


3. “He has, ‘his wife is a frigid shrew’, problems.” ~Leo


4. “We got Poped sir.” ~


5. “I have never answered to any holder of your office.” ~Rowan


6. “I gave her a World class education in the dark arms. I turned her into frigging Trident two and now she’s out there locked and loaded in enemy hands.” ~Cyrus


7. “Olivia Pope, the gift that keeps on giving.” ~Cyrus


8. “I just destroyed the most important relationship in my life. I’m glad you found that beautiful. You’re fired.” ~Congresswoman Buffay


9. “Laugh at yourself that will make it impossible for them to laugh at you.” ~Olivia


10. “He’s not alive when you’re not here. He can’t breathe when you’re not here. He doesn’t have the will to run much less win when you’re not here, because you, you’re everything to him Liv. He needs you. So I need you. Come back, come back to us.” ~Mellie


11. “Don’t be sorry. Start telling me things. That’s what normal people do. Not that we’re normal.” ~David


12. “I don’t play second fiddle to anyone, even the President.” ~Jake


13. “Two things make a coincidence. Three things make a conspiracy.” ~Huck


If you are hungry for more than just Scandal quotes I encourage you to check out the scandalously hilarious episode recaps by my friend Luvvie at AWESOMELYLuvvie.com. ScandalOn!



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