25 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 6


Scandal Thursday came again and without any conflicts like goblins and monsters that were in play last week Halloween. Well, Rowan Pope was in this week’s episode again, up to his old tricks, so I guess there were monsters, or as one of Olivia’s Scandal quotes refers to him, “that thing that goes bump in the night”.However, the only people Rowan is creating conflicts for are on the screen, I was in the clear. Whew! Rowan wasn’t the only character creating conflict this week though, everyone seemed to be getting in on the act. That’s why I had the largest cache of quotes yet. 25! The Scandal writers are on fire. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of the writers’ room. I can’t wait to learn the real story of Olivia’s mom, Maya introduced to us in human flashback form this week thanks to actress Khandi Alexander. I also am bitting my nails in fear for “Baby Huck” since sociopath numero uno Charlie has her in his sights. And what is the deal with this criminal trying to get into the country that has Harrison in a flop sweat? Oh, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s just refer to the text as my English teacher used to say. Refer to the text. So, let’s get to it.



1. “I love you.” ~MamaPope


2. “Stupid supers spy’s.” ~Harrison


3. “There’s probably only two people in the world who can tell me if this really happened. One of those people is my father and I can’t ask him because he’d probably kill the both of you, or maybe then all three of us to teach me some sort of sick lesson, and the other’s the president. So, that’s where I am going. To ask him myself.” ~Olivia


4. “This is… weird isn’t the right word. Strange? No. Greek. Mythic and disturbing.” ~Cyrus


5. “This is a Greek tragedy in the making. Winged mistresses flying too close to the sun.” ~Cyrus


6. “When it comes to you, I’m an open book.” ~President Fitzgerald


7. “I can’t work for you.” ~Olivia


8. “White hat people!” ~Olivia


9. “You want to be Mayor of Red Springs, or Ralph Nadar, turn your back on pack money. and large donations. You wanna win Iowa and New Hampshire and become the party’s nominee?…” ~Olivia


10. “Alright. Line up the fat cats. Let’s get this over with.” ~ Congresswoman Marcus


11. “I need more… More information. More proof. More everything.” ~Olivia


12. “We’re only digging up dirt on the most powerful man in the World, how dangerous can that be?” ~Jake


13. “Time’s up.” ~Rowan


Obeying orders #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

14. “There are times to obey orders and times to refuse them.” ~President Fitzgerald


15. “I have so many question I want to ask you, but I’m afraid you’ll kill my friends if I do. So, you know. Let’s just talk about the weather, or how I can’t form attachments to people because my mother is dead, and my father is that thing that goes bump in the night, or, you pick a topic.” ~Olivia


16. “I will answer one question.” ~Rowan


17. “What did you do? What happened?!” ~Olivia


18. “Olivia, one thing I’ve learned in life is the past is the past. It’s best if you leave it there.” ~Rowan


19. “You’re a shameless moster.” ~ James … “Who loves you dearly!” ~Cyrus


20. “Are you free for dinner tonight, not with me, I wouldn’t punish you that way.” Cyrus


21. “You’re too nice.” ~Olivia


22. “Deep breath. In. Then out. Real slow. Then BANG.”  ~Charlie


23. Is there a line you won’t cross? … “We’ll let you know when we find it.” ~Abby


24. “There is nothing you can do that I wouldn’t forgive.” ~Fitz


25. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” ~ President Fitzgerald


I don’t know how I am going to make it until next Thursday. At least I will have all of these Scandal Quotes from the last six episodes to keep me company. How will you keep yourself distracted until next Thursday? I am open to ideas!



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