28 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 8

This week’s episode of Scandal was all about black females. No, not in the story, but the women making the story. This Scandal episode was the first in television history to have a black female director, a black female producer/creator, and a black female star; Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington. Triple word score! Truthfully we all scored because this Scandal episode was a touchdown of creativity and suspense. Don’t just take my word for it. The proof is in the script.


1. “You have to give me something, one thing before you throw me out with the trash. Please.” ~Maya


2. “Don’t make me give you the speech. You know the one where I’ll say ‘You don’t have a choice.or  I own you now or You’ll begging me to kill you’ blah blah blah except I’ll say it all scary most likely with a gun down our throat.  Come on, I’ll do it if I have to but it’s much more fun to pretend I’m your boyfriend.” ~Charlie


3. “She ate her own wrists sir. Most people would have passed out after a few bites, but this one she just kept chewing till she found an artery. Whatever drove her to do this, whatever demons she’s wrestling with, they’re still there.” ~Maya’s Doctor


4. “You and your fellow Pope heads would do or say anything to win Iowa including strong arming your boyfriend.” ~David


5. “I’d say this is a new low.”~ Mellie  “Not for me.”~ Cyrus


6. “It’s not fair right? The Gays just have all the fun.” ~Mellie


7. “I owe you? After what you did I don’t owe you anything. You need to stop!” ~Olivia


8. “That won’t stop him from calling. The President wants to talk to you he’ll find a way to do it.” ~Jake


9. “From now on you’re going to mind your elders you’re going to color inside the lines you’re going to do exactly what I say when I say to do it, and not one second before. Am I clear?” ~Harrison


10. “If she gets caught in the process you do as you were told.” ~Rowan


11. You know who I am and you’re just this bundle of dirty little secrets. ~Fitz


12. “I don’t need protecting I am not the girl you save. I am fine.” ~Olivia


13. “I fixed the election. He’s my father. I ruined you.” ~Olivia


14. “This house is yours. Ours. I had it built for us.” ~Fitz


15. “I wanted you to see the dream.” ~Fitz


16. “I know you do a good job. I should tell you more often.” ~Huck


17. “What did you do to her?” ~Maya


18. “Providing for someone and being a parent are two different things.” ~Maya


19. “I have to go I have work, and you have to go, you have a World to run.” ~Olivia


20. “He’s the head of B613 he knows what he signed up for. Do what you have to do.” ~Olivia


21. “Don’t sell the house. Not yet.” ~Olivia


22. “Sally must suspect her husbands’ a big gay slut we just want to making sure she knows we know.” ~Cyrus


23. “Once you open that door Cyrus you cannot close it again. It changes you.” ~Mellie


24. “My husbands’ not your husband Mellie.” ~Cyrus


25. “It’s hard, don’t you agree, to make new friends as a grown man?” ~Daniel Douglas


26. “I need a minute!” ~James


27. “We need to talk about who you’re working for.” ~Huck


28. “Hi Livvie” ~Maya


We have to wait two weeks until the next Scandal episode. I am not sure how I will survive. I guess I could just do some retail therapy. Hey, maybe this is why Black Friday is now nearly an entire week long. It’s just a ruse to distract us from missing Scandal! What do you think?



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