Polar Vortex Reading From Smiling On With Miss Lori

Polar Vortex Reading from Miss Lori #MLTV

Since we are all holed up, hibernating during yet another polar vortex you might be in need of some fresh reading material. Here are the four articles that I posted over on SMILING On with Miss Lori this month.


15 Winter Car Emergency Kit Must Haves

#PolarVortex #Roadtrip #Travel #Emergency Kit #MLTV



8 Diverse Alternatives To American Girl Dolls

#AmericanGirl Doll Alternatives #GOTY #MLTV



Aerie Real Girls Campaign Has Real Benefits For Teens

#aeriereal campaign #MLTV



The Mall In Columbia; Shootings Are The New Normal

Shootings are the new normal #MLTV



I’m working on my February posts already but I would love to hear you ideas. What would you like to see me write about? Let’s do this together.



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