29 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 11 – It Is Back

You wouldn't dare. #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

It’s back!!! Scandal is back and I couldn’t be more relieved. The wait was intolerable. My whole Scandal Quotes routine was disrupted. I must admit I was knocked so far off my game over the course of this “break” that I am still not fully back on the horse, just desperately running along side of it. But no self respecting Gladiator lets a little thing like a routine derailment knock them off their true course of action. So, let’s dust off our white hats and get back to the business of Scandalous television domination.

Better late than never here are my 29 favorite Scandal Quotes from Season 3 Episode 11.


1. “She’s running!” ~Mellie

She's running! #ScandalQuotes #MLTV



2. “The numbers are the oracle, the numbers will tell us.” ~Cyrus


3. “Yes, my husband gave me a sweet government job. How is that different than what he did for you?” ~James


4. “Riding over here in the trunk of a sedan isn’t my favorite way to travel, but if it is in service to President Grant, hell I’d sit in a rubber barrel.” ~ SenatorAndrews


5. “He’s an age appropriate playboy so, you know, props for that.” ~Abby


6. “You have no idea what happened. You have no idea what is currently happening. you’re skipping around in a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies. This, sweet child, is what happened. The married man you can’t seem to stay away from ha me abducted and locked in change while he spoke to me about the way you taste while he allowed the terrorist who snaked her way into my marriage bed clear US air space. What happened was the man you screw betrayed me by freeing the woman who gave birth to you as a bargaining chip. What happened was the man who defiled you also defiled an organization that I gave my soul to build. That is what happened. What is currently happening is that President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third has made an enemy. The worst kind of enemy because I know all his secrets. I know where every body is buried. And the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me dad. Uncommon valor was a common virtue. The thing about that quote Olivia is that it was from the good ole days it no longer applies today everyone is afraid. Today everyone should be afraid. The President should be very afraid and if I were you Olivia I would be terrified. I would pick up whatever chips you’ve got left and run as far away as possible from that burning building known as the White House. Run Olivia. Run. Because mark my words Fitzgerald Grant is not going to make it to the end of his term.” ~Ronan

Run Olivia. Run. #ScandalQuotes #MLTV



7. “Start grieving now Olivia. Rend your garments. Curse the heavens. It will save you time down the road, but first run.” ~Ronan


8. “Who’s to say he had just one mistress. He’s a handsome man with appetites. I choose not to underestimate President Grant in these matters.” ~Leo


9. “I did not murder my husband Leo. The devil murdered my husband when he snuck inside me.” ~Sally


10. “As long as people have to live together someone’s going to pay to have someone else killed.” ~ Charlie


11. “He went low. That just means we have to go lower.” ~Olivia


12. “Don’t patronize me like I am some hysterical teen-age girl at the beginning of my cycle. There is plenty to worry about.” ~Mellie


13. “You need to focus on the big picture, like getting your husband to at least appear to prefer you to his alleged mistress.” ~Cyrus


14. “I’m making a respectable woman out of you Olivia. My husband can’t be sleeping with you if we are friends. I would never embrace Fitz’s whore.” ~Mellie


15. “I like it when my husband is President. I worked very hard for it. I’ve done a great deal to get him here and you are going to get him across the finish line. And you can’t do that if people know what kind of person you really are.” ~Mellie


16. “Smile Olivia. The world is watching.” ~Mellie

Smile Olivia #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


17. “We are the normal ones, you and me. We need a gun, we ask.” ~Abby


18. “Maybe you’ve been telling that lie so long that you believe it.” ~Olivia


19. “I’m not marrying someone I don’t love. And if that makes me unsuitable for the Vice President then so be it.” ~Andrew Nichols


20. “You are not leaving. I refuse to accept your resignation. You can’t leave me. I’m not losing you again.” ~Fitz

I'm not losing you again. #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


21. “I’m not talking about your feet you baby faced twit, I’m talking about your balls. Have they even dropped yet. Will you miss them when they are gone?” ~Cyrus


22. “I tried the dark side. Turns out you were right. It didn’t suit me.” ~James


23. “I am Publis.” ~James

I am Publis #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


24. “Got a night off from ruling the underworld?” ~Olivia


25. “I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.” ~Jake


26. “Serving the Republic, I always thought it was a good thing, a great thing. True service, a calling. Now I think. I think it eats at you until you are not you anymore. Until you are lost. Until you can’t remember who you were. Until you forget yourself, and all you can see is the greater good. All you can see is God and country. and you’re so busy being a patriot you forget to be a person.” ~Olivia


27. “Vermont keeps getting further and further away.” ~Olivia


28. “Are you a patriot?” ~Olivia

Are you a patriot? #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


29. “I never realized people like you actually existed. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.” ~Leo “Both you should be both.” ~Ronan




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