38 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 12 – I Want More

It has to be about what I want #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

Scandal came back to us two weeks ago after keeping us on pins and needles for ten weeks. I expected that I would snap back into my Gladiator routine, but I haven’t. At first I thought it was me. That maybe I was feeling residual resentment about being abandoned, relegated to reruns and a failed mini-series. But after last weeks’ episode, and a whole lot of soul reflection, I realize it’s not me it’s you Scandal. You are the one who has changed. You aren’t as passionate anymore. You aren’t as witty. You aren’t you. It’s subtle, but it’s there. I’m wondering if it is the pregnancy? I have a message to the writers. Olivia is not pregnant, Kerry Washington is. Please stop treating her with kid gloves. Stop writing her with pregnancy brain too. Olivia doesn’t have those hormones. She is sharp as a tack. Please get back to the brilliant, hard biting, pulse raising, tempo on the verge, productions you did before you forced us to find something else to occupy our Thursday nights for ten weeks!! (Ok, yes, I am definitely still bitter.)

Vacation is over people. I want to have Scandal fever again. Infect me, please! Toy with my emotions. Keep me from paying attention to my children. Force me to stay awake past my bedtime. Give me something to tweet about! Please! Please! Please! Like Olivia said, “It has to be about what I want.” and I want the real Scandal.

In the meantime I am over compensating for my diminished passion with an abundance of quotes. 38 Scandal quotes to be exact, from episode 312. Read ’em and tweet!



1. “I’m not a hen and this is is not your house” ~Olivia

I'm not a hen #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


2. “I did this for me. Jake by my side is for me.” ~Olivia


3. “Nothings going to happen here Andrew.” ~Mellie

Nothing's going to happen here Andrew #ScandalQUotes #MLTV


4. “Let me guess, this is the part of me you didn’t miss.” Adnan Salif


5. “I love you.” ~Abby


6. “Girls like to be kissed first, right. Romanced a little before you dive right into their pants.” ~Cyrus


7. “Let’s dispense with the foreplay. All our britches are moist.” ~Hollis


8. “I have a job you know. One that doesn’t involve your family drama.” ~Jake


9. “I love it when you go all ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’.” ~Charlie


10. “Because somebody should look out for you, be on your side. God knows it’s never going to be your husband so why shouldn’t it be me.” ~Andrew Nichols


11. “I’ll take care of deep throat myself.” ~Cyrus


12. “I’ve already lost mom, I don’t want lose you too.” ~Olivia


13. “Does this usually work?” ~Ronan

Does this usually work? #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


14. “He licked my face. Like I was a piece of meat. Like I wasn’t human to him. ~Quinn


15. “I’m helping myself.” ~Quinn


16. “I’m violent now, or hadn’t you heard.?” ~Quinn

I'm violent now #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


17. “I used my official boyfriend of Olivia Pope key.”  ~Jake


18. “Wine is not beer and popcorn is most definitely not food.” ~Jake

Popcorn is defintely not food #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


19. “I’m gonna to take a shower it’s been a long day and I want to wash it off me before we have pretend sex. ~Jake


20. “Well now there’s seeing and there’s doing.” ~Hollis


21. “The only thing worse than running for president is trying to run for president while actually being president.” ~President Fitzgerald


22. “Olivia is not your problem to solve.” ~Fitz



23. “What does that feel like to be so hot for someone, to be so turned on by them that you would put everything you have worked for at risk?” ~Mellie


24. “My father in law forced himself on me and I don’t know if my son is his and sometimes that makes me not want to be alive. Okay? Are we done here? ~Mellie


25. “The fastest way to discredit a source is to make it look like they were paid off.” ~Harrison


26. “When I was faced with the chance to cheat I kept my knees together and I said no. We are not the same.” ~Mellie

We are not the same #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


27. “I miss you.” ~Andrew


28. “I should have said it yesterday but I’m saying it now, I love you.” ~David


29. “I may be dirty, but my money isn’t.” ~Adnan Salif


31. “It’s a gesture. It means I’m sorry about Quinn. People get people coffee when they’re sorry.” ~Huck


32. “I went exactly as far as my leash allow. You hold the leash.” ~Huck


33. “Monsters eat people Liv. That’s what we do.” ~Huck

Monsters Eat People Liv #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


34. “Right. We do not touch the first ladies. Sorry.” ~Andrew Nichols

We do not touch the 1st ladies #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


35. “There you are.” ~Fitz

There you are #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


36. “It has to be about what I want. What I need.” ~Olivia


37. “I’m your eyes on the inside.” ~Tom


38. “We’re in.” ~ Adnan

We're in #ScandalQuotes #MLTV






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