Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Works With My Complicated Life

 This is a Level 1 Post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge. All opinions are expressly Miss Lori’s and have not been influenced in any way by the gift of service. All claims of weight loss or gain are Miss Lori’s personal experience and are in no way a promise of success for others. 

Losing Weight Simply #MLTVFit

I am on the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan. Wow, that’s the first time I have said that out loud. It’s liberating. I have wanted to do that, tell people, but I just wasn’t sure how because, well, it’s complicated. I also knew that I needed to write a shareview of my experience, but I didn’t know how to do that either. So, before sitting down to write this post I googled other reviews of the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan. I was glad to see that the impressions were positive. But then, as I expected, there were lots of pictures of food, statements about recipes, and how they helped the authors be more successful. I am so happy for all of them because anyone who walks the journey of losing weight does so often with a heavy heart, not from the extra pounds. I didn’t start making new dishes. I am not that girl. My life doesn’t work that way at all. I am the reluctant chef who lives on the go. That’s why I actually sat on this offer of a Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan free trial for almost a month. I couldn’t figure out when I would have the time to dedicate to it for one thing, and for another, I was afraid. I didn’t realize how afraid at first, but then when I got super honest with myself I realized that I was terrified of failing…again. I have had such disapoointment in my life in these last few years. I have made peace with my weight. I don’t like it though. Not at all. My hips may be wide, but my time is stretched so thin I am nearly at the breaking point of stress. In the middle of a divorce with someone who has used my weight as an excuse to betray our vows. I am emotionally bankrupt and financially bankrupt from job losses, medical bills and the economy.  The shame is overwhelming. The heartbreak. Thus, just getting out of bed has required all of my energy some days, not much left over for anything else, certainly no money left for anything like taking care of myself. Yeah, it’s deep.

I am almost divorced which sounds really easy breezy until you learn that it has been a five year emotional and financial ordeal. Not so easy, and definitely not breezy. I have lost so much sleep and gained so much weight commensurate with all of my stress. It’s has been a very strange dichotomy given that my marriage made me feel very unloveable-unworthy-ugly, all those special “u” words. Releasing my marriage, and the emotional binds that have been entangling me, has put me in the position to occupy my greatest emotional space of my life, but also at my greatest size. Not so great.

I was absolutely terrified to start this program. Have you ever been passive agressive about something because you were afraid of it not working out? Yeah, we do that as humans, give up before even trying all because we are convinced it won’t work out anyway. I would rather not try at all than invest myself in it and fail. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I have already experienced far too much disappointment as it is already. But I can’t live like that. I actually tell other people through my live shows, my videos and my blogs that you can’t live like that. What kind of a hypocrite would I be not doing as I preach. A giant one. So, I quietly signed up for the program. And I do mean quietly. I told no one. Not even the people who offered me the deal. I know soooo professional Miss Lori. Such a pilar of professionalism. But what was I supposed to do?  I could barely admit it to myself.

I started the Simple Start program on Monday February 3, 2014. At the end of the first week I had lost 5 lbs. FIVE! And I have to tell the truth, all I did was track the food that I ate. All in secret. I didn’t tell anyone. (You know that already.) I didn’t goto the meetings and honestly I didn’t even get a lot of exercise beyond what I normally do. So, as you can imagine, I was insanely surprised to find that I had lost weight. Especially exciting since the WW website says, “People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.” (I like being an overachiever instead of an over-eater.)

Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 1 #MLTVFit

Week number 2 concluded while I was on my first adult, solo vacation, ever. Well, it wasn’t totally a vacation. I was being given the grand tour of the vacation spot by tourism reps-but I wan’t traveling with friends or family so that is still solo. The point being that it was a vacation with dinners and desserts and wine at restaurants. Really good, New Orleans inspired restaurants. Do you know what they are famous for in NO? Bourban sauce. I swear it is the reason everyone is so happy in the bayou. But I digress. Even with dinners, wine and bourban sauce I still lost another 5 lbs! FIVE!! How? well that’s really where the brilliance of the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan lies in the tracker. Simply tracking my food, understanding the literal point values of foods that I eat and foods that I would like to eat, along with a point total for the day, (and the week), gave me a frame to work within. When you know where the end of the world is it is a lot easier to roam free without fear of falling off. It was freedom. Having these guideline was freedom. On my vacation I would plan out my eating, getting the most nutrients for the least amount of points during the day so that I wouldn’t feel like I had to hold back at night or feel guilty that I was blowing all of my hard work. And sure, I went over a few points here and there, but because I was free to walk and explore so much more along the beach, on nature trails or within the community, my exercise offset my overages. It was fantastic!

When I came back from the vacation I was still fat burning, increasing my weight loss at the end of the 3rd week by another 4 lbs. FOUR! Now my fourth week I did have a set back. I gained 2 lbs. I think it was the lack of additional exercise and the fact that I was, as my friend would say, “blessedly womanly” that week.  Sorry TMI? But it’s important. If I didn’t understand where the gain originated from I might just give up, thinking my failure was a forgone conclusion, you know, like I thought when I started. But no. I tightened up my belt. Well, literally and figuratively because my pants felt loose. I worked the program. Then at the end of week 5 I found that I had lost, wait for it, another 6 lbs. SIX!

Weight Watchers Monthly Report #MLTVfit

Here I am nearing the end of my sixth week on the Weight Watchers Plan, almost halfway through my three month trial. and so far I have lost 18 lbs. EIGHTEEN! I can only imagine what would happen if I were to get to meetings and work out more regularly. I want to do that, I do, but as usual my life is too fast, too busy, too complicated. But even with all of those “too’s”, even when I have to attend to the needs of my kids, and my work, and my home leaving precious little time for me in the aftermath, I am still benefiting. What I know is that the more I lose the more energy I will gain, the more endorphins will flow, the happier I will be and the less stressful life will be. Ok, who am I kidding. The stress will stil be there, but it just won’t paralyze me as much. And that my friend, is a very good thing. Best of all it is SIMPLE. Just like the plan says, a simple start to a new, though admittedly still fast, busy, complicated life, that benefits me. ME!

True, I haven’t taken full advantage of the program, but the greatest news, the greatest miracle, is that it is still working for me. Yes, that is greatest news, not just for me, but for you too. Because I am positive that I am not the only one living a fast, busy, complicated life. I am not the only one afraid of failing again. I am not the only one who needs fresh start that is simple. I am not the only one, and neither are you.

Fear does sometimes get in my way and I have to stop wasting so much time on it. The moral of my evolving story thus far, if I don’t get out of my own way then I will forever be stuck in this place. It’s up to me, no one else can do it for me… or you.




One major thing that I have learned these past weeks is that I have been eating things that were not actually satisfying my hunger thus opening me up to potential overage on points. How did I figure that out? Well the Tracking app not has a hunger meter to measure your hunger before a meal and your satisfaction after. Duh! When I really listened to my body and used that tracker I discovered that the protein shakes that I have been relying on were not actually fulfilling me. So I made a change and that made me more full and less “full” if you know what I mean. I would love to see Weight  Watchers add stress, mood and sleep meters similar to their hunger tracker. Think about it. Their program is about educating us about ourselves; what we eat, how it affects our health and fitness, and what we can do to get it all under our own control. But as we all know food isn’t just about taste and sustenance it is often about satisfying emotional hunger. Tracking our mood, our stress and our sleep would paint an even clearer picture of our food triggers. The more we know the better we can do. Maybe those are some of the topics covered in the meetings. I guess it is time for me to go to one. (Okay past time-don’t get fussy.)

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 This is a Level 1 Post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge. All opinions are expressly Miss Lori’s and have not been influenced in any way by the gift of service. All claims of weight loss or gain are Miss Lori’s personal experience and are in no way a promise of success for others. 

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