30 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 13 – Yeah Baby!

 You're on your own #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

Shonda Rhimes, I should never have doubted you. I apologize. I should have understood that you too were getting back to routine, not just your audience. A fire takes a moment or two to build up heat. That’s all you needed, a moment or two. Or, to be more specific, an episode or two of Scandal. But you’re back! Yeah Baby! Cooking with gas. Leaving us gasping for air. Making me ignore my children and ponder the future of the Grant presidency frantically with anyone on social media that will listen. YES!!! I am wearing my white hat and my gladiator banner proudly. Now I just need to get my “What would olivia Pope do?” bracelet and I will be good to go. Oh come on. You know someone is already producing it. You can’t suggest something like that in the text and not expect Gladiators to step up to the challenge. But I am getting ahead of myself. That is only 1 of the 30 Scandal quotes that jumped off of the screen at me last week. I am luxuriating in the lot beside myself with anxiety about what you will unleash upon us with this weeks’ episode. It hurts so good. We are definitely not in Vermont anymore!


1. “Are you a man of God or are you a waste of my time?” ~Leo


Yum Yum crispy piggy #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

2. “Yum Yum crispy piggy. Yum Yum.” ~ Sally Langston


3. “Attacking my character and quoting the bible does not prepare you to help struggling middle class families.” ~ President Grant


4. “If Cyrus needed to cover up a murder he would come to me.” ~Olivia


5. “This is your chance to be on the right side again Liv” ~David


They are all murderers #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

6. “No matter who gets elected they are all murders. ” ~Olivia


7. “All you have to do is make sure we keep a lid on this Fitz included.” ~Cyrus


8. “I want to walk int the light and feel the sun on my face Cyrus. You’re on your own.” ~Olivia


9. “You’re free to kill anyone who walks through that door but until then you’ll be at this desk answering that phone selling Acme paper.” ~Jake


10. “When I say fire I’m employing a euphemism.” ~Ronan


Fail me then you're fired #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

11. “Fail me, then you’re fired. Simple as that.” ~Ronan


12. ” I want to have a relaxing evening with my fake boyfriend.” Olivia


13. “I’m thru the looking glass.” ~Jake


Run away with me Liv #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

14. “Run away with me Liv. Save me.” ~Jake


15. “I must confess to the World the breaking of his commandment. It is the only way I will hear his voice again.” ~Sally


What would Olivia Pope do #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

16. “What would Olivia Pope do? Someone really needs to put that on a bracelet.” ~David


17. “Whatever happens, remember the best part of me loves you, maybe the only good part.” ~Cyrus


18. “My husband told me he loves me which means he either wants me to do something bad or something bad’s going to happen.” ~  James


19. “While I would love to explain to you how the world really works I don’t have the time, and you wouldn’t understand.” ~Jake


20. “You don’t know Olivia Pope at all.” ~Quinn


I screwed up #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

21. “I screwed up!” ~Cyrus


22. “Olivia Pope. The devil at my doorstep. My last temptation.” ~Sally


23. “Stand in the sun with me.” ~Jake


24. “She needs to know that she’s back in God’s graces, that he’s still on her side.” ~Olivia


25. “It gave me a political woody the size of a Louisville slugger.” ~Leo


There is no clean #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

26. “This is what we do. This is how it works. This is how it’s always works. There is no clean! Just like there is no Vermont.” ~Olivia


27. “Hello Publius.” ~Cyrus


28. “I thought I wanted justice but all I wanted was an apology really, an apology and a good cry from a man who I have no business forgiving, but who I love.” ~James


29. “I’ve buried stories before James, I can’t do it again.” ~David


30. “This becomes your home, this becomes your family, and you can’t imagine any other life.” ~Jake





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