Walmart Best Plans Family Mobile: A Budget Friendly Option That Works

This is a Level 2 Post: The product or service mentioned was provided to Miss Lori free of charge and Miss Lori was compensated to post about the product or service for a #CollectiveBias #FamilyMobile #Shop. All opinions are expressly Miss Lori’s and were in no way influenced by compensation.



Miss Lori Is Going Mobile With Walmart #Shop #MLTVtips


With Mother’s Day on the horizon gifts are on my mind, and hopefully on the minds if my kids, (if they know what’s good for them.) But sometimes to get the best gift you have to give it to yourself. That’s why I have been researching the cheapest wireless plans for the last several weeks. However, the more I’ve learned the more frustrated I’ve become. I feel like a slave to my wireless plans, tethered to it not by choice, but by necessity. Yes, my world is fueled by social media, but our collective world is increasingly dependent on cell phones, and wireless accessibility. That’s why when Collective Bias invited me to participate in a Walmart #FamilyMobile shop I jumped at the chance to try the unlimited talk text and data/web service and hopefully find the best Mother’s Day gift for, well, ME! Ok, me and my family.

Moms and Families need options. They need the chance to be connected to something like a cellphone that is so integral to our society in a way that doesn’t hold their budgets hostage. The era of the cellphone contract is winding down, which on the surface seems to be a savings, but in truth it can be a costly turn of events. Why? Because you are no longer able to get your contract renewal, phone upgrade discount. Most of us don’t have a spare $500 dollars or more to buy the latest phone outright, but that doesn’t make our need for dependable hardware any less great. That’s where the Walmart Family Mobile plan comes in handy. They have a plethora of high functioning phones for your family to use to take charge of their mobile destiny. I empowered myself with their Nokia Lumia 521 which retailed at a budget friendly $99.88.


Taking Charge With #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


It starts with the hardware and ends with the plan. Because even the best cell phone is of no use without a dependable plan to connect it with.  Walmart Family Mobile gives families a choice. Unlimited Talk and Text for $29.88 a month or Unlimited Talk Tex and 5GB of high performing Data for $39.88. And with the addition of up to 5 lines you can see an extra $5 savings per line.


It's About Choice #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Having choices is how families get control of their budgets and move the needle forward in life, clearing a path for more opportunities. The Walmart Family Mobile plan is a postpaid service, meaning you pay for the service after you use it.


Get Control Of Your Budget With #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


I am all for cellphone plan empowerment. I am tired of being a slave to the industry. That’s what I like about the Walmart Family Mobile plan they put the power in my hands.



Set Up Is All In Your Hands #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Pop in the sim card, plug in the activation code, register your device and Voila, you are in. Welcome to your world of wireless accessibility.


Welcome To Your Windows Phone #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Often budget friendly options fail to live up to their promise, that’s why I was sure to put my new Nokia Lumia Family Mobile phone and plan through a workout last weekend to test the value. Not just any phone can keep pace with my crazy life.  First I used the Nokia Lumia phone for squeezy photos at my WTTW Kids Readers are Leaders Miss Lori Concert.


Capturing #MissLoriConcert Moments #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Not bad for a no-look photo, if I do say so myself.


Nokia Lumia #MissLoriConcert Photo #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


After my Miss Lori Concert I headed off to Kansas with my son’s basketball tournament. I got bars and bars of service all across Missouri and Kansas, even in the rural areas. I was able to live tweet his games while also updating his grandparents through texts, and capturing pictures for later posts.


Great Coverage with Nokia Lumia #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Back in Chicago I grabbed pictures backstage at the WCIU television studios where my son’s Championship High School Basketball team was being interviewed. With limited light I was still able to bring my son into focus during the segment taping.


Capturing #SportsparentZ Moments With #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


A good Sports Parent is always ready to grab the shot. The Nokia Lumia didn’t fail me, and I didn’t fail my son.


Nokia Lumia #SportsParentZ Photo #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Capturing the best shot  in every situation was easy thanks to the Nokia Smart Cam feature. No filter necessary. Beautiful. Nothing but net.


No Filter Necessary With Nokia Lumia #FamiilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


Final verdict, the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone and the Walmart Family Mobile Plan kept pace with me, my life and my travels all without running ramshod over my budget.


Nokia Lumia Walmart #FamilyMobile #Shop #MLTVtips


But don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Empower yourself. It’s your life, connect to it. And be sure to get the moms in your life fantastic gifts for Mother’s Day, because they deserve it. (Just saying’.)




This is a Level 2 Post: The product or service mentioned was provided to Miss Lori free of charge and Miss Lori was compensated to post about the product or service for a #CollectiveBias #FamilyMobile #Shop. All opinions are expressly Miss Lori’s and were in no way influenced by compensation.

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  1. You are one busy lady! Love how well the WFM plan kept you covered throughout your travels. #client