Qualifying Life Events Re-Open The Door To ACA Health Insurance

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This is a Level 6 Post: Miss Lori was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.

After being pushed out of my job I spent years without insurance. It was terrifying. It was also costly. It cost my quality of health. It cost my business for time lost to deal with health interruptions that took quadruple time to nurse. It cost and cost and cost. Luckily for me the ACA passed,and I was able to finally get health insurance this year before the Marketplace deadline in March. I was so grateful that I felt compelled to help the Ad Council make a serious push to get the word out in March to wrangle people up and into the protective bubble of insurance. We were very successful, but there are still people living without insurance today unnecessarily. So, I am back on the case, because I am tired of seeing people suffer from the cost of being uninsured.

Everything comes down to education. One of the things that I like most about social media is the accessibility to information, the education. Social helps ideas and information spread like wildfire through communities. It is empowering. That’s why the Ad Council is once again using social media to spread the word about the continued accessibility of the ACA for people in need today. Yes, the general marketplace won’t open again until November 15th, but that doesn’t mean that it is closed off to everyone now. Medicaid and CHIP, (Children’s Health Insurance Program), are open year round, and because life is filled with unexpected events the Marketplace is also open for people who have status changes that alter their life circumstance. Look at me, I got divorced a few months ago, that definitely changed my life circumstance. Had I not already signed up for health insurance it would have made me a perfect candidate for this campaign. Have you expanded your family; gotten married, had a baby, adopted a baby? Then you too are a qualifying candidate. Are you facing a new direction in life because you moved away from coverage, lost your job, lost your insurance, gained citizenship, left incarceration? Then you are a qualifying candidate also.

I know personally what it is like to feel at a complete loss, to feel trapped by circumstance, frightened about the unknown and by unseen threats to my health and well being. I lived in that well of darkness for years. The ACA gave me a ladder to help me begin to climb out. If you are uninsured and a candidate by life changing circumstance right now, I invite you to take a step up just as I have. No one should have to live in the darkness of fear. No one.

I am sure you still have questions. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people ready to give you answers, many of them will be gathered on Twitter Wednesday June 25th from 12-1pm CST. I will be there using the #TakeCareChat hashtag to participate in the informative session. I want to help people learn more about Get Covered America and their options under the ACA.  In addition to Get Covered America experts some very well versed social personalities will be on hand as well.

o   Wedding expert Dana LaRue (@brokeassbride), the author of “The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide.” Dana can share tips about throwing a fantastic wedding on a budget.

o   Frugal maven Amiyrah Martin (@4hatsandfrugal).  Amiyrah is a well-known African-American mom blogger (currently expecting a new addition to her family) and a firm believer in living a frugal lifestyle without deprivation.

If you can’t join us for the #TakeCareChat twitter party June 25th you can log onto the GetCovered America website for answers to all of your questions.

o   More information about healthcare for newlyweds: Click HERE

o   More information about healthcare for new and expecting parents: Click HERE

The site’s content is also shareable via Facebook (GetCoveredAmerica) and Twitter (@GetCoveredUS). 

If what is really holding you back from signing up is a fear of the financial impact of having insurance don’t let that be a road block. Financial help is available. Use the “Get Covered Calculator” to see how much help you could qualify for to cover your monthly insurance cost.

If you have difficulties with your application local help is available. Use the Get Covered America 101 page to find answers to the most commonly asked questions, or their locator tool to find an expert who can help. By entering your ZIP code, you will get the names and phone numbers of experts who can help you complete your application and understand your health insurance options.

So many choices that all mean the same thing, you are not alone. Knowing that gave me comfort, hopefully it brings you some comfort too.



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Once you get your health insurance learn How To Choose a Doctor As Your Primary Care Physician, (PCP)

This is a Level 6 Post: Miss Lori was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.

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