Back To School Immunizations Made Easy at Walgreens

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What is easy to do, a requirement for school, a way to give back, and a teachable moment all rolled into one? Why back to school immunizations at Walgreens of course! It’s that time of year, time to get the required vaccines for your kids before they head back to school. Immunizations are a fact of childhood, but Walgreens makes them quick and easy. I won’t say painless because, let’s face it, needles are involved. But I will say that the short lived pain of a needle stick can be easily salved with any number of goodies in the Walgreens aisles.

A little pain aside the trip to Walgreens is definitely easy. No appointment is needed, most insurance is accepted, and Walgreens pharmacists will report back to your primary care physician. You see what I mean? EASY! But it is even better than that, because with the Walgreens new “Get a Shot. Give a Shot” partnership with The UN’s Shot@Life campaign by getting your childs’ required vaccinations such as for whopping cough or meningitis, you help another child in a developing country get one too, for polio or measles. You’re giving children at risk a “Shot@Life” while simultaneously giving your child a lesson in charity. It’s easy to get a shot, and thanks to Walgreens it’s even easier to #GiveaShot too.

(Click on the image below to view my Walgreens immunization trip with my daughter and her friend.)


Walgreens Shot@LifeWalgreens Shot@Life


Now you are definitely ready to go back to school, and so am I thanks to #CollectiveBias who gave me the opportunity to share this information with you through a #cbias #shop.




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