My Usana Reset With Kathy Kaehler a Lesson In Mind Over Stomach

Reseting My Health With @KathyKaehler #MLTVhealth

This week is the 1 year anniversary of my Divorce, but my friend celebrity fitness trainer Kathy Kaehler gave me an early anniversary gift a couple of weeks ago. She gave me the gift of a Reset from Usana. She didn’t just give me the gift of the week long health improvement system, she gave me the gift of her time and participation. We did the reset together along with some other fabulous friends of hers. We pumped each other up with social media shout outs and pats on the back. It was as much a team effort as it was a personal one, and that alone made it a raging success.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. First let me explain the process. The Usana Reset involves 3 shakes, 2 bars, a serving of fruits or vegetables, at least 64 ounces of water and special vitamin packets per day. It’s a 5 day commitment to reseting your system and getting your body and mind on a fresh path of health, wellness and energy.

I learned a lot in a very short amount of time. I do not have an overwhelming sweet tooth. I am probably more partial to salt, but that’s just my air popped, buttered popcorn. As such I felt the effects of the Usana Reset almost instantaneously. I recognized the absence of food, not in the form of hunger, but in the form of a missing activity. Habit. I discovered that eating has become a habit, sometimes even a companion, but definitely a routine. Like when I make turkey bacon for my son in the morning. After taking him to school I come home and eat his scraps before loading the dishwasher. I do this pretty much regardless of my own eating schedule. It’s my routine. A totally unconscious, unnecessary, sabotaging routine.I know that a lot of moms will understand this. Preparing food for our children can bring about some very bad habits.

I did discover that I have one habit that is actually a great benefit to me, my water consumption. The Usana Reset asks you to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Turns out I drink on average over 100 ounces of water as a part of my regular everyday routine. I had never really counted before. It was an exciting realization. Score one for this well hydrated Miss Lori!

The Usana Reset system is a good one, but it does require some routine prep beyond your hydration schedule. A lot of my life is on the go; concerts, client meetings, events and of course all of the social, educational, arts and sports commitments of my kids. In other words, I’m better off wearing roller skates than shoes. You can put the Usana bars in your bag, easy. They are not only easy but filling, which is extremely helpful. If you’re looking to bulk up with protein powder, taking care in keeping protein bars or shakes in my bag is something I already was in the habit of doing which made this step a no brainer. My favorite flavor was the peanut butter. I really didn’t care for the fudge brownie or the chocolate chip. Kathy told me some people actually microwave the chocolate flavored bars. I never got a chance to try that with my zippy schedule, but it sounds like a really good idea.

My #KKReset Food For The Week #MLTVhealth

I truly got into the shakes, especially in the morning. I blended the mix with ice and water, and sometimes I threw in a frozen banana for an extra kick. It was a great way to start my day. Like a treat. But the shakes, in my opinion, are best prepared in the blender for maximum taste. The Usana shakes come in individual pouches, so they are portable. You can shake them up in a closed cup or shaker. When I had to make one in my closed cup while doing client interviews, the shake ended up really gritty and highly unsatisfying. If I had had ice and a better shaker I think it would have been more pleasant. In other words, it wasn’t the products’ fault, but that didn’t help me ultimately.

I was down right shocked that at the end of the day I wasn’t stark raving mad with hunger. I definitely enjoyed my vegetable serving. I have always loved my veggies. (Go Green!) But I wasn’t feeling desperate for them, which told me that I am consuming more for than I actually need to, most likely out of …say it with me…HABIT!

When the five days were over I was happy  to eat again, I won’t lie. But I discovered once I started eating again that my sense of fulness with the Usana Reset shakes had felt a lot leaner physically than my fullness from food. When I ate actual food in the form of a meal, not even a really big meal, I literally felt the fullness in my stomach. Sometimes I felt bloated or just distended. You know the kind of full that requires a stretch? Yeah, that kind of full. With a smoothie from Usana I was full and agile. I stretched only because I wanted to, not because I had to. Hmmmm.

Since I am not a big sweets hound, coming off of the Usana Reset I started tasting sugar where I hadn’t before, especially in my absolute favorite energy drink, the low calorie Sambazon Amazon Energy. I was admittedly addicted to the stuff. Usually one a day, (but I have been caught drinking two on particularly high demand low energy days). However, when I popped open my first can after completing the Usana Reset I didn’t fully recognize the taste. It was far sweeter than I remembered. So I turned the can around and looked at the ingredients. I’m sure I had looked at them before, a long time ago, but I didn’t remember what they were. The second ingredient was organic cane syrup. Not extremely surprising, but then I read that the little can of my favorite drink contains 8 grams of sugar. I was completely shocked. I couldn’t finish the can after that. I tried a few more cans after that. At first I thought that it tasted less sweet, but I think that was more mind over taste buds kicking in. I have to remember that habits can be comforting but they can also be harmful. And it became clear that I would be better off giving up my favorite drink habit in the interest of my health. I mean, I went without it for 5 days and didn’t melt into a puddle, so there is really no reason for me to go back to my one-a-day habit just for habit sake. No reason at all.

I’m still drinking smoothies, but mostly once a day, every other day. I am a chewer. I do like to chew. I don’t need to chew a lot, but I do like to chew. My doctor says that I am carrying a lot of tension in my jaw, clenching.  Maybe that’s why my chewing is so important. I’m working on it. I still have a lot of learning to do.

So my Kathy Kaehler inspired Usana Reset was successful because not only did I reset my taste buds, but most importantly I reset my way of thinking. Mind over stomach, lesson learned.

Thank you again Kathy, and the rest of my #KKreset team! We did GREAT!




Miss Lori


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