Magic Mike XXL Movie Will Give You Your Smile Back

Got My Smile Back #MagicMikeXXL #MLTVchi

In case you have been living under a rock, the much anticipated sequel Magic Mike XXL opens this week. I had the great fortune of attending the Chicago screening of the movie last week thanks to my dear friend Afrobella. We arrived to find a gaggle of anxious women hoping to get an early glimpse of the extra large film. Gratefully our blogger status sent us straight through to our seats. I didn’t even buy popcorn! No, I wanted to be fully available to every nuance of the movie. You see, I am the audience demographic for this movie. Their target audience for sure. My divorce that took five years to finalize finally did last year, but I still haven’t been out on a date yet. Who has the time? I am a single mother and business owner working long hours and never playing. (TMI?) Eventhough I am known for it professionally, personally I have lost my smile. Magic Mike XXL is all about helping women get their smile back and making them feel like Queens.  Jada Pinkett Smith’s character Rome comes on the screen half way through the film like a sheer force of nature. She demands that women be queens. Not just that they be treated like queens by her dancers, but that they, the women, see themselves and refer to themselves as queens. Her character, and I be so bold going so far as to say she herself, believes that women must do this. I don’t know if you need to go to a male strip show, (excuse me Male Entertainment show), in order to find your inner royalty, but after seeing this movie I’d be willing to try! (No really, who wants to go with me?)

I gotta tell you there were dance scenes in this movie that were off the hook “hot”. Matt Bomer was my personal favorite. I am partial to a song and dance man. But the finale dance performed simultaneously by Channing Tatum and Stephen tWich Boss made me lightheaded. It was so hot that I was surprised they weren’t handing out condoms at the end of the movie just to keep everyone safe, and to protect themselves from a lawsuit. I mean bartenders can be charged for serving liquor to a driver that drives drunk. This movie is has the potential of getting women so hot and bothered that they loose all good judgement. (I’m just saying.) With that in mind, my recommendation is to only go see this on a date with someone you are already quite involved with. This movie is kindling that will ignite a serious flame. Make sure whoever you have on hand is someone worthy of your heat. The heat of a Queen.

Go see Magic Mike XXL and get your smile back!




Still not sure you are the right person for Magic Mike XXL? Here are some videos to get you warmed up. I took them myself at the Chicago screening. Please forgive the shakiness. It was hard to throw dollar bills and record at the same time. :)




The Queen Bee herself even made an appearance. If you don’t trust me, trust Ms Jada Pinkett Smith!



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