Kanye West Is Obsessed and It Is Nothing To Laugh At

Amber Rose via @AmberRose Instagram

In case you haven’t been anywhere near Twitter today, let me tell you its’ been a hot bed of Kanye West nonsense. That’s the nicest way I can put it. But the fact is, it’s not “nonsense”, it’s not funny, and it’s not inconsequential. Kanye West once again showed us who he is. The question is are we willing to look at what he’s displaying.

Admittedly I am not a #TeamKanye music lover. I really have had no opinion on his music specifically. But I do know even if I had previously liked it I wouldn’t be planning to throw any money his way for the album he is dropping in a few days. Although, judging from his tweets today Kanye probably thinks he owns my wallet, along with the initials KK, ex-girlfriend Amber Rose’s morality-career-future happiness, and Amber Rose’s and Wiz Khalifa’s son Sebastian. Judging from Amber Rose’s tweets back at Yeezus she doesn’t really need my help in this fight, she’s got this handled…or fingered. But all poking aside, this kind of rant from Kanye West should seriously disturb us, not for the verbiage, but for the obsession. It seems clear that Kanye West is obsessed with Amber Rose. I’m not even trying to pay attention to this corner of the world and I still know it. My daughter tried to correct me saying, “Kanye is obsessed with smearing Amber”. But see, that’s just one of his devices. He is so obsessed with Amber Rose he will use any device to keep her…to own her.

Kanye’s tireless mentions of his ex-girlfriend years after a breakup is not an “out of the norm” behavior pattern for a man who views a woman as property. It happens, a lot. And men with this sense of macho entitlement don’t have to actually have had a relationship with a woman to believe they have a right to her. Just look at the horrific tragedy that happened in Pennsylvania last week. Janese Talton-Jackson turned down a man in a bar and he followed her out and took what he believed was his… her life.

So when Kanye West’s new album debuts in the next week I hope you will remember today, remember the face he showed you. Kanye may be two-faced, artist and male chauvanist, but by supporting the artist you are empowering the chauvanist. Yes, standing on principal can be very inconvenient my friends, but your playlist will survive.

Misogynistic, obsessed men aren’t entertainment or Twitter fodder, they are a threat to women. And that is nothing to laugh at…or pay for.




Miss Lori


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