I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi and the Art of the Side Eye

Miss Lori joins the Luv Nation ! #ImJudgingYou

Today the revolution will be tweeted, posted, grammed, re-grammed, meme’d, snap chatted, and most importantly, JUDGED. For today is D day! It’s the Drop day for the much anticipated freshman book from the high priestess of the side eye, Luvvie Ajayi, aka AWESOMELY Luvvie. “I’m Judging You, The Do Better Manual”. I have been a part of the Luv Nation from the first moment I met Luvvie so I was over the moon to receive the book early and a call out to join in the making of a read-a-loud promo video.

I prepared to film a chapter of the book in support of the revolution selfie style, but my teen daughter wandered outside, so I was able to draft her as my accomplice. (And by draft I mean bribe).


Miss Lori conjures up a side-eye pose in honor of #ImJudgingYou

At the end of my second take my brilliant, fully attentive daughter made a revelation.

“You look just like the lollipop!”

Seriously? You are just catching this now? I have been doing this face the whole time.

“I just thought you were making one of your goofy ‘Miss Lori’ faces.”

(Inner Monologue: I love my child. I love my child. I love my child.)

JudgeyPop do you believe this girl?

You are judging me #JudgeyPop? No, #ImJudgingYou! @MissLori


Ok, enough of your foolishness, let’s get just one more take.


Miss Lori perfecting her #ImJudgingYou side-eye


“Stop! Stop! Now you look like a Judgy Chipmunk. Put your chin up!”




“NOOOOOOOOOOO! Now the book looks like it’s judging you! And it should.”


There is absolutely no winning when a teenager is judging you, so it’s best to concede defeat early. Or….


When you just cannot get your face right. #ImJudgingYou @MissLori


“What is wrong with you! You are crazy!”


#ImJudgingYou has Miss Lori cracking up!

Yes, but that’s why you luv me!

Despite all of our antics I think my daughter and I make a pretty good team. Of course it helps when you have good material to work with.

Hey everyone, go out and get your own copy of I’m Judging You today! We’ll unite the world one side eye glance at a time. (Or at least defeat the teenagers. Whichever comes first.)




Miss Lori


This is a Level 1 Miss Lori post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge, but her review, and all side-eyes, were crafted of her own free will, (though slightly coerced by her teenage daughter).

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