5 Things To Post That Are Not Brangelina

5 Things To Post That Are Not Brangelina via @MissLori

Yesterday there was some very disturbing breaking news. Did you hear? No, it wasn’t about stranded motorist Terence Crutcher who was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby on a Tulsa road. And no it wasn’t about father of seven Keith Lamont Scott who was shot and killed by Officer Brently Vinson in North Carolina. And no it wasn’t about the student that was expelled from Belmont University, a Christian school, for posting a violent and racist snapchat. Nope, the disturbing news was that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Oh the HORROR! Social Media lost its’ collective mind. Memes, giffs, tweets, snaps, grams and FB live streams went viral, all lamenting the loss of “Brangelina”. How ever will we survive? Ummmm I have an idea. We could focus on something else that’s, call me crazy, actually impactful.


Picture property of HousefulofNicholes.com

Picture property of HousefulofNicholes.com

Harry Connick Jr debuted his talk show and featured a heartwarming story about a dynamic woman in Chicago named Natasha Nicholes. She is a blogger a social advocate and mother of four who is working hard to improve her community one seed at a time. #WeSowWeGrow


Miss Lori's CAMPUS kid Jaedyn makes healthy choices

More families would benefit from Community gardens as there are scores of children across the country who are hungry. There is a free lunch program, for the moment. However, if Indiana Tea Party Senator Todd Rokita has anything to say about it that food program will be dramatically slashed leaving tens of thousands of children trying to learn on empty stomachs. (Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016 HR 5003). But not every child who needs help qualifies for the free lunch program we have right now, but they are still hungry. Pennsylvania “Lunch Lady” Stacy Koltiska knows better than most what hungry children look like. She knows the pain it can cause when students don’t have enough to eat. But she is also intimately familiar with the pit in the stomach shame can create. Which is exactly why she has resigned from her job at Wylandville Elementary School in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. Ms Koltiska resigned in protest over what she calls a shaming policy of her school. If a students’ lunch money account was in arrears those children had their the hot meal taken back and instead got a sandwich made of two slices of bread and a single slice of cheese. Even worse, the contents of the hot lunch that was taken away from the child were thrown away. The school would rather throw away food than give it to a child. Stacy Koltiska stood up and used her voice and her position to say “No! This is not right.”

Image property of Ballot Ready Facebook page

Image property of Ballot Ready Facebook page

We all have a voice, and even more we have a vote. Often the very people instituting shameful policy like the one at Wylandville Elementary School are elected to their positions, (just like the Senators who want to pass laws that could leave children even hungrier). But you can’t vote out the bad and in the good if you don’t know which is which. How many times have you gone into the voting booth and encountered candidates, judges, or even ballot measures that you were completely unprepared to vote on. That can be a thing of the past thanks to BallotReady.org.  The site will help you honor your voting rights by being informed about who and what you will be asked to vote from your very own, zip code specific ballot. This ballot comes complete with background information on candidates and ballot measures, all prepared by BallotReady.org.


Image property of the ACLU Facebbook page

Image property of the ACLU Facebbook page

Your voting rights are terribly important, but they aren’t the only ones you should covet. As Americans we have a whole host of rights that are designed to protect us and our individual freedom. But as our world turns, and laws come and go, knowing your rights is a fluid act. Thank goodness we have the ACLU. Their website has a drop down menu filled with the what’s what of issues broken-down to serve you where you stand. Do you know your rights?


You are feeling overwhelmed? Hey, I get it, life is pretty heavy these days. You just want a little escape, a deviation from the near constant sadness. I’m totally with you on that one. I am all for entertainment. Heck it’s what feeds my kids. But luxuriating in the demise of a marriage, especially one that involves minor children, (children that can read HELLO), is not escapist entertainment its’ cyberbullying. And it doesn’t take you away from pain, it just takes you into someone else’s. Not much of an escape. Perhaps you could try cat videos.

Or just read my friend Luvvie Ajayi’s new New York Times Best Seller, I’m Judging You; The Do Better Manual.

Miss Lori conjures up a side-eye pose in honor of #ImJudgingYou


Look, bottom line, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are human beings trying like the rest of us to live their lives the best way they can. Think of it this way, since part of the allure of Brangelina is a secret desire to live a life like they do, why not treat their life the way you would want others to treat it if you were in fact living it. Just a thought.


Happy Posting!



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