No debate, victims like Keith Lamont Scott need your outrage not your tears


During the Presidential Debate Donald Trump said, “African-Americans, Hispanics, are living in hell…you walk down the street you get shot.” But the real issue he failed to address is that many of those bullets are coming from police. Just this weekend more videos of the CMPD (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department) police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott were released. Have they caused you to shed a tear? They are a tough watch on their own, but what about compounded? “Compounded with what,” you ask? Compounded with all the other police shootings of people of color in recent years. Are you drawing a blank? Let me refresh your memory.

Two years ago the officers who executed John Crawford Jr got off scot free. A Grand Jury refused to indict them, despite the fact John Crawford was not threatening anyone. What he was doing was talking on a cellphone, shopping, holding a BB Gun sold in Walmart located in an open carry state. The officers shot first and asked questions later. Correction, they didn’t ask questions at all, only the public did. John Crawford was executed because his Black skin made him an automatic criminal in the eyes of much of America. Yett the real criminals, the police who murdered him, got to go home to their families. (Video)

A week later Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, MO but the Ferguson PD did not employ the use of video. The officer who killed Michael Brown was also allowed to go home to his family. yet another grand jury declined to indict him too.

There was no dash cam footage in Cleveland either where police killed 12 year old Tamir Rice while he was playing by himself in the park. However, there was a surveillance camera across the street. (Full Video) (Post Shooting Video)

The shooting of Anthony Blackburn, a disabled homeless man in Los Angeles was caught by unsuspecting bystanders on their cellphone. (Video)

Baton Rouge Police Department killed Alton Sterling while he was selling CDs to make extra money to support his family. (Video)

Terence Crutcher, who was on his way home from night school when his car broke down, was murdered by Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby. the scene was captured on dash cam and by a police helicopter. (Dashcam Video) (Helicopter Video)

And now we have Keith Lamont Scott. His wife who was on scene when her husband was killed by police was the first to release a video she captured with her cellphone. The Charlotte Mecklenburg police are begrudgingly trickling out bits and pieces of the dash cam and body cam footage they are in possession of. (Family Cellphone Video) (Dashcam/Bodycam Video)

Those are just a few of what is available from a cursory stroll through youtube archives. I understand, its easy for the victims to blur together in your mind. Well, for some you. And when they do, that’s privilege. Yes, privilege. Take an inventory.

Have you been painstakingly trying to track how many POC have been killed by police? If you haven’t, that’s privilege.

Has it ever occurred to you that police might kill you while shopping in Walmart or any other store? If it hasn’t, that’s privilege.

Has it ever crossed your mind that police might shoot your child while they were outside playing? If it hasn’t, that’ privilege.

Have you changed your living, driving, shopping habits because of the shooting deaths of POC by police? If you haven’t, that’s privilege.

So as you watch the emerging videos of the latest execution of a person of color, (as it is incredibly probable that there will be another shooting before this article even takes a second chair to my next posting), check your privilege. If you find you are surrounded by it like a protective layer of clothing against a biting wind, perhaps it’s time you took a layer off and felt the sting. Because POC, (People of Color), are being demeaned, dismissed, denied, debased and destroyed. We don’t need people with privilege to watch these snuff films and shed tears and express condolences. What we need is your unadulterated outrage and your action. Stand, kneel, march and demand with us, pushing back against the winds of prejudice. Put your skin in the game. Take Navy veteran Al Woolum’s lead. He put his skin in the game, in a volleyball game in fact, because he could not stand idly by.

Navy Vet Al Woolum takes a knee via @ShaunKing

Yes, getting involved will expose you. It very likely will open you up to trolls, ridicule and menace. I get it. Literally I get it, almost every day. So, I understand you may be reluctant concerned that it’s going to hurt your outer layer. But if you don’t put some skin in the game now our entire country is going to lose its soul in the end.


Miss Lori


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