Drop It! Your Kids Counted Every Piece of Their Halloween Candy

DROP IT, Your Kids Counted Every Piece via @MissLori

It’s the first of November. Yeah, it always sneaks up on me too. I blame Halloween. I get so caught up in the hoopla that I forget it is actually the end of the month. The curtain falling on All Hallow’s Eve puts us in the last inning of the year, so November 1st is often very sobering, not to mention a serious come down from an epic sugar high. Oh, but once you get that taste it’s so hard to stop. No, I’m not talking about your kids’, I am talking about you; Parents, aka Candy Snatchers. You think I don’t know what you have been up to since even before the first trick-or-treater darkened your doorstep? Busted! And when that stash was gone you looked to get your fix from your own child’s candy loot. Oh the shame! I know, you just can’t stop. You need help. I hear you, and I am here for you. So, if packing up your kids and their candy and sending them to live with their grandparents until the sugar bits are all gone isn’t a possibility, here are some suggestions that may just get you through.


Halloween Candy and Dentists Do Not Mix via @MissLori

Schedule a dentist appointment. You know you won’t eat the candy for fear your dentist will discover your bad behavior



Skip the Halloween Candy and Brighten Your Teeth via @MissLori

Use that dental whitening kit you have been debating about. You won’t want to waste that money let alone mess up your newly pearly chompers.



Choose a Manicure Over Halloween Candy via @MissLori

Get an acrylic nails manicure. It’s next to impossible to open up candy wrappers with those thicker nails. Plus you won’t want to risk chipping the artistry.



Halloween Candy with a Sanitizer Chaser via @MissLori

For the guys or gals who aren’t in for acrylic nails, go pick up some of that No More Biting liquid. Paint it on your fingers or lather up with hand sanitizer. You will rethink your candy pilfering after one bite of chocolate with a formaldehyde-like chaser.



Measure Up Your Halloween Candy via @MissLori

Take your waist measurement. (No, your real one. Stop holding your breath.) Write the number down and post it where you can’t avoid seeing it. Take the measurement every day that candy remains in the house. No way you will risk watching that number go up.


Good Luck!

PS: Remember, if you slip be prepared to replace, because your children have counted every last piece, and they won’t forgive easily.




Miss Lori

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