Honor Your Voting Rights Because We Aren’t There Yet

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People fought too hard to get the right to vote for you to throw it away. Your vote means something, all the way down the ballot.

In 2008 we did something historic. We altered the course of this country for the betterment of us all.

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We aren’t done yet.


It’s more than a right, it’s a responsibility.



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For my Cook County neighbors:

Dreading the long list of judges up for retention? I was. I hate going to the ballot uninformed and finding information about judges always seems to be so difficult. After doing individual google searches on each judge I was lucky enough to discover a comprehensive guide on MazeJacksonSaid.com that agreed with my deductions. I printed out the list and took it with me to the poll. However since the list was not in numerical order it a bit cumbersome. SO I have taken the liberty of listing the choices that I made in voting order. I am in no way telling you which judge to say YES or NO to. I am just sharing the choices that I made in a manor that might be easier for you to use as a reference. The goal is to fill every box. Let no vote go uncast.

201- YES- Joy Virginia Cunningham

203-YES- Sophia H. Hall

206- NO-Irwin J. Solganick (Cook County Bar Association recommendation)

207- YES-Alexander P. White

210- NO-Vincent Gaughan (Presided over R. Kelly case. Issued gag order in LaQuan McDonald case)

211- YES-Robert W. Bertucci

213- YES-Deborah Mary Dooling

215- YES-Timothy C. Evans

217- YES-Cheryl D. Ingram

219- YES-Raymond L. Jagielski

222 -NO-Bertina Lampkin (known as “Hang ‘Em High amongst Black judges, Lampkin was a Burge prosecutor, defended wrongful convictions, particularly hard on Black defendants)

223-YES- William O. Maki

225-YES- Sharon M. Sullivan

227-YES- James Patrick McCarthy

229-YES- Arnette Hubbard

232-NO- Nicholas Ford (Burge prosecutor)

234-NO- Charles Patrick Burns (Burge prosecutor)

235-YES_ Denise Kathleen Filan

237- YES-John P. Kirby

240-NO- Diane J. Larsen (Madigan ally, blocked redistricting reforms)

243-YES- Kathleen M. Pantle

245-YES- Kevin M. Sheehan

247-YES- John D. Turner

249-YES- Leroy K. Martin, Jr.

251-YES- Paula M. Daleo

253-YES- Laurence J. Dunford

255-YES- Robert Balanoff

258-NO- Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein (Cook County Bar Association recommendation)

259-YES- Kathleen Marie Burke

262-NO- Kay M. Hanlon (previously ran as Republican, switched to Democrat to get elected in Cook County)

263-YES- Thomas J. Kelley

265-YES- Clare Elizabeth McWilliams

267-YES- Mary Mikva

270-NO- Patrick T. Murphy (publicly opposed Chief Judge Evans in attempted power grab)

271-YES- Timothy P. Murphy

273- YES- Jim Ryan

275-YES- Edward Washington, II

277-YES- Thaddeus L. Wilson

279-YES- John C. Griffin

282- NO-Daniel James Pierce (led public charge against Chief Judge Tim Evans)

283-YES- Allen F. Murphy

285- YES-William H. Hooks

287-YES- Thomas V. Lyons, II

289-YES- Raymond W. Mitchell

291-YES- Edward S. Harmening

293-YES- Daniel B. Malone

295-YES- Geary W. Kull

297-YES- John P. Callahan

299-YES- Steven James Bernstei

301-YES- Bonita Coleman

304- NO- Ann Finley Collins (blocked the appointment of Black judges)

305-YES- Daniel J. Gallagher

307-YES- Sharon O. Johnson

309- YES-Linzey D. Jones

311-YES- Terence MacCarthy

313-YES- Sandra G. Ramos

315-YES- Susan Kennedy Sullivan

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