Miss Lori is a magnetic force that attracts people to the events that she represents. Her mere presence on an Expo floor guarantees attendance and engagement from your target audience. Miss Lori’s electric smile shines like a beacon, illuminating a pathway to your booth or stage. No need for push marketing, your target audience will make their way to you just to engage with her. But there is more to Miss Lori than her warm smile, she is also a master at weaving brand/campaign objectives into conversational discourse with her audience. Miss Lori can expertly explain the call to action that your company needs to communicate to consumers, in a way that is clear and friendly, in person, online or on camera.

If you think Miss Lori is a dynamic speaker, wait till you see her perform. Miss Lori is a classically trained singer who brings audience to their feet with her original music and artistry. She performs over 80 live concerts a year for families in Illinois and across the Nation. She has also brought her adult centered witty lyrics to numerous social media events such as the SV Moms Chicago brand blogger meet-up. Who else do you know that can be the entertainment, the new media marketing representative and the spokesperson for your brand/cause/campaign event? No one other than Miss Lori. She is unique and utterly irresistible.

“Miss Lori is a passionate advocate for healthy families and a strategic partner for the brands that are looking to connect with them. Her creativity, quest for excellence and forward-thinking digital ideas are tremendous assets.”

Gina Judge

Senior Manager of Communications, Tropicana


Community Manager Ambassador
Spokesperson Parenting Partner
Event Promotion Brand Enthusiast
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